Favorite Childhood Memory is making Clothes Pin Dolls

Tonight is once again blogapalooza where we have one hour to write about an assigned topic in one hour. Here is tonight’s topic “Write about a favorite memory from your childhood” which is just broad enough to be tricky to narrow down. I am lucky enough to have many great memories of my childhood but tonight I have picked one of them. Possibly my favorite childhood memory is making clothes pin dolls

My Mother always wanted to visit Williamsburg, VA. She loved that time period for its architecture, fabrics and because the Colonial Period was pretty popular in the middle of williamsburg twothe last century. Because my mom wanted to go, I did too. And because I have a very rich or possibly overactive imagination, I loved the entire trip.

You can see the three Mathews girls here. I’m the one in the middle but I wanted to be wearing the powder blue gown. We were even allowed to buy souvenirs which was quite the indulgence. I selected clothes pin dolls. Yes, little dolls made from clothes pins.

Once we got home, I set about recreating them and liberated all the correct type of clothes pins from my Mom’s collection. I drew little faces on them and made little clothes for them. My sister and I had previously played with paper dolls cut from the Sears catalogue but these clothes pin dolls, they were super cool.

If you have dolls you need houses for them, am I right? I raided my parents’ closet for shoe boxes and created first one room houses and then elaborate houses after I hit up the neighbors for extra shoe boxes.

I made beds, curtains, sofas, all kinds of paraphernalia that they needed. The stars of the village that was eventually created were the clothes pin dolls bought in Williamsburg. I knew mine weren’t as good so they were given less exalted roles.

I allowed my younger sister to play with my collection, even let her create a doll. I loved that mine were way better and she just liked being allowed to play with her older sister.

When I was a couple of years older she became the object of my clothing experiments and I sewed most of her clothes. They turned out a lot better than the clothes pin wardrobes!

I loved the whole idea of clothes pin dolls and forged a bond with a distant aunt when I spied some in her collection. She and I struck up a friendship and would exchange letters then gifts. I always followed up with witty thank you notes. Towards the end of her life she sent me money to buy a car; all of this was because of clothes pin dolls.

clothes pinsI tried to recreate this love in my own girls but no one really bit. I even brought Shelby and Olivia to Williamsburg but I think they mainly liked the tea parties. Sigh, no one to continue the tradition.

I alone am the standard bearer for Williamsburg with its clothes pin dolls and colonial fantasies. In the midst of writing this post I had to go upstairs and check a bin I have in storage.  Yes, I still have some clothes pins left!

Why?  Because you just never know when you will need to make a cute little clothes pin doll. Or ten.

Pardon me but I feel the pull to recreate the most cunning little dolls possible. Oh, anyone have some extra shoe boxes?

Clothes pin doll memories make me Sew happy!

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