DIY T-Shirt Pillow Tutorial

Today is a pretty special occasion here at Quilting Sewing Creating. Want to know why? I knew you would! Today is the first time I have had a guest blogger and it tickles me that someone wanted to do a guest post on my blog. Not only that, it’s a really cool project. I will leave the rest to Joy as she explains her DIY T-Shirt Pillow tutorial!

Hi, I’m Joy, a certified sewing and crafting enthusiast. I love to make cute stuff for my family and friends and starting to get a knack for making cute stuff for animals. Visit me at my website. It’s an amazing site for pet lovers and anyone who believes in spreading awareness to stop animal cruelty. You can make a free website or blog to help spread the cause. Isn’t that amazing?

Anyway, since the holidays are just around the corner, why not try to make it more special by making DIY gifts instead?  Here is a gift idea that is not only fun and simple to make but may also save you a few bucks by making a quick tour of your closet.

Creating a Pillow from an Old Shirt

 One of the basic staples that every closet has whether you are a kid or an adult is a T-shirt. T-shirts are comfy and convenient to wear on especially on days where you want to just be carefree and at ease. Aside from the comfort that they provide, you can also prep up a simple T-shirt with different colors such as bright or dark ones, or even a mixture of them as well as putting on various prints like animals, shapes or structures to make them more fun to look at.

Despite the good things that we can have from T-shirts, there will come a time where we have to let some of them go. Like most people, you may have a bunch of T-shirts just kept for ages on your closet, taking up some space. Instead of throwing them out, you can still make wonderful projects out of them by making them into pillows.

Want to do a super easy, fun, and great-looking sewing project? Then, making a T-shirt pillow is a perfect project for you to try on. This project is very simple that even kids or one who doesn’t have a background in sewing can do. Here are a number of T-shirt pillow ideas that you can choose from. Try one that you like now!

Simple T-shirt Pillow

Cut out a matching rectangle or square (depending on what you like) on the back and front sides of your T-shirt. Ensure that these portions measure three inches larger than the pillow itself to give enough space for the stuffing. Then, turn it inside out for it to be sewn.pillow 2

Now, sew three of the four sides using a sewing machine, following a seam allowance of about 1 inch from the edge of the shirt pieces. Turn the sewn form inside out so that the right sides exposed and insert the pillow stuffing inside it. Lastly, using a very short stitch, fold the hems of the remaining T-shirt fabric into the case to close it.

Long T-shirt Pillow

A long T-shirt pillow is also a good idea. This T-shirt pillow idea is great if you want a long, slim pillow. What you need to do is to stitch the neck and arms of the T-shirt and put the stuffing to form the T-shirt into your desired pillow form. Then, make a cut at around two inches below your preferred pillow edge. Finally, fold and roll the pillow’s edges and close it out through stitching.

Quilted T-shirt Pillow

pillow 3If you have a T-shirt that got shrunk, ripped or stained, then you can turn them into something useful and pretty with this quilted T-shirt pillow idea. Collect a number of these shirt pieces to form a nifty and adorable pillow. Cut out the parts that are not damaged and can still be used out of the shrunk, ripped, or stained shirts that you have and create a pillowcase out of quilting the usable fabric pieces.

Just remember to use slightly damaged shirts that are of the same material (i.e., with fabrics of the same density or weave), to avoid the fabric pieces from stretching inversely, poor-looking stitches, or the pillow that won’t last long enough. When you are done quilting the usable fabric pieces, simply follow the methods used in the simple T-shirt pillow ideas mentioned above.

I don’t know about you, but I plan to make one or seven right away!

Sew happy!

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If you want to challenge yourself more after making a pillow, check out my post number four on making t-shirt quilts. It has links to the beginning steps.

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