DIY Fabric Tea Bag Tutorial

I am a tea lover and drinker. We even have a little Hadley mug so Zara can drink “hot tea” with us. (Lukewarm water which saw a tea bag for 5 seconds.) Zara also loves tea sets, she has 3 right now. And if you have three, surely you need a fourth, correct?  We bought her a tea set for Christmas but to keep at our house. I made a bag to put it all in when the box is opened. What else do you need for a terrific pretend tea party? Fabric tea bags! I had an idea in my head what I wanted so I made up this DIY Fabric Tea Bag Tutorial as I created them.

Tea bags re 1I started off first with a tea bag. I scanned it and printed out the page. You can see the two side by side here.

I cut up the scanned one and figured out the dimensions I was going for. I included a quarter inch seam when I figured it out. Tea bags re 2

You can see the fabric strips, the scanned bag and the real bag. For each tea bag you need:

  • One strip that is 2.5″ by 6″
  • One strip that is 1.5″ by 3″
  • One piece of string or twine that is around 7″ long. I used kitchen twine.

tea bags re 12When I made the prototype, I didn’t iron the ends of the short strip. It was really hard to poke them inside. Then I figured out, press the ends down, Kathy!

After the first one, I pressed the edges in on all the little strips. It really made a difference. Tea bags re 5

After you have those ends pressed, fold all the strips in half, right sides together.

Stitch a quarter inch seam on the right side and the left side.

When you get them all stitched together, you have to turn them all inside out. The bigger pieces weren’t very hard. I did not put Tea bags re 6any stuffing or batting in them but you could if you wanted to. I used scraps and made the two bags different fabrics.

To get the little ones inside out, I had to use tweezers. On both of them, I used That Purple Thang to make sure the corners were all poked out. Tea bags re 10

I pressed the end of the larger bags into a triangle and then pressed it down to a point, exactly the same way that they do real tea bags. (I did not put any tea in the play bags.)

Tea bags re 11I stitched one end of the string onto that end.  I went over it 3 times because I don’t want Zara to pull off the strings easily. She may well pull them off but I want to give her a challenge.

I sewed the other end inside the little square. I poked it in using a stabilizer tool. No, I was never a dentist. tea bags re 13

I sewed all the way across 3 times also. I will report back if she pulls them apart. Real tea bags use staples but that isn’t good for a toy.

I love the way that they turned out. My husband thinks she will try to dip them in water. That’s fine, tea bags re 14they will dry out.

We are giving her the tea set, the bag to keep them in and the tea bags tomorrow. Fingers crossed that she likes them!

We bought the set for boys, isn’t that crazy? Girls don’t like blue and yellow?

Oh and did you notice the fabric on the zippered bag? It’s cunning little tea pots.


Sew happy!

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I have a tutorial on how to make the bags, in fact two of them. A photo gallery and one with pictures embedded.

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