Confessions of a Sewing Gadget Junkie

Fabric is fabulous and something I collect, love and even use. Thread is right up there. Luscious colors, weights and uses. I’ve waxed on about how much of them I have and where I put it all. But I’ve been perhaps less than transparent about another desire I satiate at quilt stores. It’s time to come clean and state true confessions of a sewing gadget junkie.

Gadgets re 3I have a thing for gadgets and it’s a bit harder to justify. Oh sure, I boast, I will use up all this fabric and I’ll need this thread to do it with.  Theoretically, this could be true. (Come on, I said theoretically.)

But gadgets? Seriously how do I justify them. What’s the reason I have drawers of sewing gadgets?Gadgets re 2

Um..I like them? Yep, that’s why I have multiple rotary cutters and if you have the cutters, you have to have the blades. Am I right?

No, I only cut with one arm. What a silly question. Oh, I get it.

And if there is a gadget you like and use, another one in a different color or size is reasonable in my Gadgets re 1opinion.

I have perhaps reached the tipping point. I have a circular attachment for my machine that I have never used. I am so unsure on what feet I have that I have an app on my phone which lists them.Gadgets re 7

The snowflake spatula? I read that if you rip a bunch of stitches, these kinds of spatulas will gather up all those loose threads quick as can be. No, it didn’t work but I do like the color of the spatula.

Can we say hard core or does junkie cover it?

I can’t hang that much on the walls as I sew in a loft. Lucky for me they have those wooden ruler Gadgets re 8holders or might have to get rid of a few. Not that I would.

I have little scissors hanging on my sewing machine which came with a thread cutter hanging on the opposite side. And yes, my machine has its own thread cutter. I have never used either but they look cute don’t you think?Gadgets re 6

I have snips, shears and scissors waiting to be used. One can hang around my neck. Why did I think I needed one on my machine?

Again, I do like the color, don’t you? And fine, yes, I may have crossed over the line so what the heck, I’ll confess the rest.

Here’s the thing. I also have a Longarm and the entire table under it is full of Longarm gadgets. I have even used a few!

Gadgets re 5And I have more next to Gladys, my beloved Gammill.  Is that bobbin winder the most fun item someone’s husband ever came up with in a garage?

Yes, I can wind bobbins on the Longarm, why do you inquire?

And hey, the kleenex is very useful.

I have a nifty small cutting mat on a stand that revolves. I love it!Gadgets re 4

It’s fabulous to pile things on.In fact, to get this picture, I had to move most of them.

Gadgets re 10In my defense I have one gadget that I bought in 8th grade. That would be 1967 for those of you doing the math in your head.

I’ve been using this sweetie for 47 years. And people say I am a gadget junkie. Maybe I am but I know a good gadget when I see one.

And no, I won’t lend it to you.

Gadgets make me Sew happy!

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