10 Fascinating Facts about Wrapping Paper

I sew as many presents as I can, I like the personal aspect of it. If I am not making the present, I usually buy online,  it just makes my life way easier. As a result I have a huge pile of boxes in a corner of my bedroom. I dread wrapping and as a clever way to procrastinate even further, a new blog post about wrapping paper was born. Besides not liking to do it, I know nothing about wrapping paper. For your reading enjoyment and to postpone the task, I present facts about wrapping paper.

1. Modern origins? Hallmark in 1917, I kid you not. They ran out of tissue paper and substituted envelope lining paper. Paper BagCustomers loved it and an industry was born. Verify it here!

2.  Before that? Brown paper or tissue paper were the most common items used to wrap gifts. I like the idea of brown paper. Read more facts at this site.

3. Cost? 2.6 billion (yes, that’s a b) is spent on wrapping paper annually. I was shocked also but learned it at this web site.

4. Trash? Wrapping paper is fun and pretty but it creates 4 million tons of trash each year in the States.wrapping paper Gulp! This fact at this site surprised me also.

5. Recyclable? Unfortunately, most can not be recycled because it’s thin, dyed, has tape on it or made with laminates and other decorations. Sadly true and stated here.

6. Alternatives? Use part of the gift to wrap or sew a bag. Use fabric ribbons or bows from your scraps. Reuse the box in which it came. Great ideas and more at this website.

7. What else to buy? Reusable fabric sacks here. Or there are stretchy reusable ones here. Or you can buy gift wrap that is made 100% from recycled paper, place an order here.

8. How can I make my own sacks? How about if we all skip the wrapping on one gift? Click here for a tutorial on making a drawstring bag!

9. Most expensive? I am glad you asked. That would be finest silks, leathers and paper MOST-LUXE-GIFT-WRAPhandcrafted with Swarovski crystals, natch. (No, I am not making this up.) It starts at 5,000 pounds or about 7,800.00 and goes up to 50,000 pounds. Place all your orders at the House of Rokoko.

10. How to wrap? For the rest of your gifts that you do wrap, here’s a video on how to do it.


Gifts from the heart no matter how they’re wrapped make me sew happy!

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Now that you know all about wrapping paper, how about the scissors you’ll use to cut it? Just click here!

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