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Top 10 Quilting Sewing Creating Posts of 2014

I have a ball writing this blog. I see something in life, on TV, on the internet or in a magazine and it sparks something in my head that I just have to write about. I also go to quilt stores. shows, events and meetings where I learn new techniques or ideas. Again, I process... Read more »

7 Reasons Why Thank You Notes Rock

I make presents, I buy presents and I give cash or gift cards. Most of my gifts I give to the recipient in person and they thank me. I do the same thing. Other times I give the present through the mail or leave it for a person. When I then get thanked in writing... Read more »

Favorite Childhood Memory is making Clothes Pin Dolls

Tonight is once again blogapalooza where we have one hour to write about an assigned topic in one hour. Here is tonight’s topic “Write about a favorite memory from your childhood” which is just broad enough to be tricky to narrow down. I am lucky enough to have many great memories of my childhood but tonight... Read more »

Phrases most heard over the Holidays

My husband and I live in a two bed room condo with a loft above the great room which is my sewing room. The second bedroom is my office and also Zara’s hangout. We have two bathrooms, no waiting. We are both really clean and fairly quiet. Over the holidays my youngest daughter and her... Read more »

How to make a Quilter Happy at Christmas

Quilters are usually a pretty happy bunch, after all we have our fabric, thread and sewing to keep us busy. We have other quilters we can chat with online and we have quilts to keep us warm. What’s not to love? But there are special occasions when it’s nice to show your favorite quilter some... Read more »

Leaving Sewing to the Last Minute

When I worked I was super organized about Christmas, I mean sickeningly super organized. I had all kinds of gifts sewn by labor day. No, I am not lying! I might finish up a quilt or make one more but I had my gifts done and no worrying to do. I didn’t tell people, my... Read more »

10 Fascinating Facts about Wrapping Paper

I sew as many presents as I can, I like the personal aspect of it. If I am not making the present, I usually buy online,  it just makes my life way easier. As a result I have a huge pile of boxes in a corner of my bedroom. I dread wrapping and as a... Read more »

DIY T-Shirt Pillow Tutorial

Today is a pretty special occasion here at Quilting Sewing Creating. Want to know why? I knew you would! Today is the first time I have had a guest blogger and it tickles me that someone wanted to do a guest post on my blog. Not only that, it’s a really cool project. I will... Read more »

DIY Fabric Drawstring Bag Tutorial

Here is one of the bags I've made, I put little wine bottles in them. If you want to spring for large bottles of wine, just make the bag bigger.
Have you ever gone to a wedding and gotten a little organza bag full of Jordan almonds (why are they called that?) or possibly rice to throw. I think they are used as well for little gift bags or favors. If you’re like me you may have saved your little bag and thought about how... Read more »

Sewing and Life Goals for 2015

I am a list maker and not just one, I keep various lists around the house. I also have been a journal writer for much of my life. I like to keep track of things by writing them down. I have records of who I have made what on various holidays, past addresses where I’ve... Read more »
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