What I believe about Quilting

The theme for this week’s “A Blogger’s Life” is to riff on Crash Durham’s “I believe Speech” from the movie Bull Durham and make it fit us. Our community manager gave us an example of when he had written an article doing that exact thing. In his article he gives a G rated version of the speech.

10376906_707378659350982_934995263531622467_nThis topic rang a bell for me as I had already made a quilt funny using Crash Durham. If you read my Facebook page, you will probably recognize it. It’s a bit short. Now I have the chance to expand!

Here’s my manifesto:

What I believe about Quilting

I believe that expensive high quality fabrics make the best quilts. They take a lot of your time and energy, use top shelf materials.

I believe that hand quilting really looks the best but there is a beauty in machine quilting that spares your wrist and lets you finish quilts.

I believe that rotary cutters and mats are the greatest gift to quilters ever invented.

I believe that every quilt is beautiful to someone even if that someone isn’t me.

I believe that I do my best sewing by myself, not in a group.

I believe that modern quilting came about because people had been quilting so long and wanted something new.

I believe that the pickiest quilt police used to live in my head.

I believe that the best night’s sleep is under a quilt.perfect

I believe in quilting as therapy, I have some quilts that know every trouble I’ve seen.

I believe that after free babysitting, the best baby shower gift is a handmade quilt.

I believe that I can turn down requests from people to make them a quilt. Not everyone is quilt worthy.

I believe in quilters, they are the best people around.

I was able to write these beliefs from my heart without a lot of soul searching. If I opened up these beliefs to all of life, that would be way trickier. Quilting for 31 years and writing a quilting blog for over two years have really clarified my thoughts.

What do you think? How many would you agree with or what would you add?

Tell me what you believe, that would make me sew happy!

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