Review of Tinley Park Quilt Expo 2014

This is my third year attending the Quilt Expo held in Tinley Park. The first year I stayed at the hotel even though it’s only 20 minutes from my home. I did the whole experience, classes, shows and visit. The second year I thought I had tickets for a Friday class when it was in reality a Thursday class. I discovered this Thursday night, wasn’t really happy with myself so I just went on Saturday. This year I went on Saturday as well. I enjoyed it more this year than last because I wasn’t smarting from my dumb move. Overall, I really enjoyed the Tinley Park Quilt Expo 2014.

First great thing is tons of free parking in a nice clean facility with plenty of immaculate bathrooms.  There were ample free coat racks, I loved being able to ditch my  cold weather gear. It was easy to pay my way and the quilts were all grouped in front or in a circle around the vendors. It was easy to see the quilts. There are not nearly as many quilts as there are at the International Quilt Show, overall it is a smaller show.

I took pictures of the quilts which delighted me. I didn’t buy much as I am lucky enough to have attended lots of shows this year and live near many great quilt stores. Years ago, I used to buy like a maniac but I think I’ve over indulged, this year I just bought bobbins!

Onto the quilts!

I hope you enjoyed this view the Tinley Park Quilt Expo 2014. Next year, I hope to sign up for some classes again. I think I trust myself again!

Sew happy!

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