Reading Day Holiday

It’s that time of the month once more, blogapalooza. Tonight’s challenge is “Create a new holiday, or holidays, that you believe should exist.”

There are lots of cool things we could celebrate in our society. A few that come to mind are women named Kathy day, retired teacher week or take someone in their 60’s out to lunch month. Obviously we are very remiss about Quilting Holidays, there should be numerous ones to celebrate all things handmade. You might think these ideas are somewhat self serving and perhap singularly devoted to yours truly.

Much as these holidays seems perfectly wonderful to me, I am willing to create one for the good of the whole.magic

So here goes, my new holiday would be a day where everyone reads books for 10 hours. No TV would be broadcast that day. Every site on the internet would only have books on it. Radio programs would be books being read.

Public transportation would only be available for emergencies. Hospitals would not schedule any procedures except life saving operations and deliveries of babies. Malls would close.

Congress would read, children would read, convicts would read and bloggers would read. Everyone. Would. Read.

No athletic events would go on and no concerts. No business meetings would be held. All these people would be reading. Not playing, singing or making money. Reading.

Why, you ask? Because reading is fabulous. It teaches you new things. It relaxes you and takes you to a new place. You can read about the benefits here or here.

It would begin at 7 am and end at 5 pm. Super cool people would then meet in book clubs and discuss the books.

For weeks ahead of time there would be suggestions of what to read. Bookstores would have specials. Schools would collect second hand books and make them available.

Libraries would have extra hours the days preceding this event. Non readers would get literacy classes ahead of time and have recorded books available to them. Extra recordings would be made for months ahead of time for people with disabilities which preclude them from reading on their own.Reading

Books which promoted tolerance and good will would earn you a tax credit. Books which gave you a point of view other than your own would earn additional tax credits. Librarians and retired teachers would administer the tests/book reports to earn these credits.

The consumption of tea, coffee, cookies and other yummy snacks would be encouraged. People could gather together to read and share snacks. Curling up with a quilt on a comfy spot would be the norm.

Reading would become cool again. Ignorant reality stars would not brag that they don’t read, they would instead post their favorite books on their websites.

Those people who had to work like surgeons, ambulance drivers and the like would get 24 hours off with pay for their reading day staggered throughout the month.

Reading Day Holiday, or RDH, would create buzz about books. People would increase their vocabularies and appreciate a well turned phrase. Books read would be featured after the holiday.

People would learn that reading is a wonderful escape, a way to improve yourself and gain knowledge and compassion. The ripple effects would have a positive benefit on not only our citizens but on our society as a whole.books

People would begin to read on their own when it wasn’t RDH. They would finish the book they had begun and read another. We would become a society of cute bookworms!

I’m ready, I’ve been practicing RDH all my life. Who’s with me?

Let’s read! This will make me sew happy!

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