Progress on Two Quilts I am making

I’ve been working on two quilts. At once! I even wrote about it if you missed it. I was all bedazzled with the idea of two but I’ve learned from all of you that two is nothing.

two quilts re 2So I am just about to start on a third. But I  want to catch you up on these two first! Here’s the progress on two quilts I am making now.

The most straightforward is the Dragons Quilt. I finished two more blocks and have one put together.  All I have to do is stitch down the tooth paste, etc.

I realize 2.5 more blocks are not a ton but I find this applique to be a bit tedious. I skip working on it some days. Sorry! I will improve.

The Friendship star quilt is a different problem. I finished all the blocks.two quilts re 3

I just have to decide where to put them.

This was my first thought. I have the first quadrant the same as before.

two quilts re 4It’s the five 6″ blocks and the 12″ block.

I took the 9″ block apart and spread it around.

I made a block that is 18″ and three that are 3″.

I kept messing with them and even posted both of these pictures on Twitter.Someone suggested that I need something inbetween the two parts of the 9″ block.

Then those 3″ blocks were pesky devils!

Finally, I decided on this and even sewed the top right quadrant together.

I moved the 18″ block to be its own quadrant. two quilts re 1

Now I just have to cut the strips and blocks of the low volume fabric I am using as the background. And I swear, I am not going to rearrange these blocks again.

Before I finish this quilt, I have to go back and make sure my tension is correct on my Longarm. And I’ve got that third quilt to start.  I’m smiling.

Sew happy!

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