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What I believe about Quilting

The theme for this week’s “A Blogger’s Life” is to riff on Crash Durham’s “I believe Speech” from the movie Bull Durham and make it fit us. Our community manager gave us an example of when he had written an article doing that exact thing. In his article he gives a G rated version of... Read more »

My Favorite Vet is my Dad, Jerry Mathews

My Dad was born in 1922 to a family that had love but drama.
Today is Veteran’s Day, November 11th when we honor those who have served in our Nation’s Military. It’s a National Celebration but also a personal one. I think many of us respect and honor Veterans in general but may have one particular Veteran we especially have in our mind. For me, my favorite Vet is... Read more »

How to deal with changes at your Thanksgiving table

I come from a small family, three daughters and two parents. We lived about 5 hours or so from our relatives so most of the time it was just us for holidays. My Mom was used to a bigger crowd around the table so she was fairly successful most years at finding other to invite.... Read more »

10 items for Quilter Gratitude

In November you often see people posting daily the things for which they are grateful. The humorous part is that sometimes these are the very same folks who complain and whine every other month of the year.  I like to think that most of us who write or read this blog are pretty darn positive.... Read more »

8 Quilt Books that Need to be Written

I love books of all kinds. I belong to book clubs and read every single day. I also collect quilting and sewing books and use them for motivation and inspiration. But quite frankly, there are books missing from the library, let alone my collection. I’ve figured out what they are. Now some I need some... Read more »

Progress on Two Quilts I am making

I’ve been working on two quilts. At once! I even wrote about it if you missed it. I was all bedazzled with the idea of two but I’ve learned from all of you that two is nothing. So I am just about to start on a third. But I  want to catch you up on... Read more »

My Moment of Genius was to Remarry

This week’s theme for a Blogger’s Life here at ChicagoNow is “My Moment of Genius”.  I am not a genius so I pondered that topic and my choices. In my adult life I have had my share of bad moments. Don’t get me wrong, there was much joy as well, particularly my kids. But my first... Read more »

10 Things Every Serious Quilter Has

I quilt and write about it so articles and musings about writing catch my eye. It’s a creative process like quilting and very enjoyable as well. There are similarities between the two endeavors however, whatever you write won’t keep you warm on a cold night! But articles about writing can be adapted to quilting and... Read more »