How to react when given a quilt

I love giving quilts as presents. I may be picky about to whom I give them but when I do, I can barely wait for you to open it. And 99% of the time, the recipients completely fulfill my desire for the quilt to go to the right home.

I understand that when you give a gift, you are giving it because you want to. The reaction shouldn’t matter say some people. Hey, I say the opposite, you should show some joy! And thanks!

I give lots of quilts to my girls and my husband. They jump for joy and make me feel so darn happy. They keep getting quilts.

The thing is that I only have so many quilts in me to make. Time is finite. Money is finite. Procrastination and laziness can prevail.

I am going to put the time and money into a gift for someone who shares real appreciation. Who expresses genuine thanks. And I am not alone. I read someone commenting on this very same thing on a quilt page today on Facebook. She felt very under appreciated.

gifts re 1Let me give you an example. The daughter of a close friend was getting married. (Don’t worry, she doesn’t read my blog.)

I bought a bin and filled it with a homemade Christmas. I made this tree skirt which I hand quilted. I made stockings for her and her husband. I made her a Christmas apron and a Christmas table runner. I sewed appliques on red and green dish towels. I bought Christmas cards and made return address labels and included Christmas stamps. I had an ornament made for them with “Our First Christmas” written on it.  I also included a card with one hundred dollars cash for them to buy each other presents on their first Christmas.

It was a staggeringly generous and thoughtful present in my opinion. A couple of months later I got a very generic note, “Thank you for the thoughtful wedding present. We enjoyed having you share in our special day. Sincerely ___ and ____.

I never saw them use those gifts on Facebook but I did see a T-quilt I had made being used by their dog. A couple of years later she tagged me in a comment underneath a picture of their stockings asking for one for their baby daughter.

I demurred and sent a gift card to celebrate that baby’s birth. I give of myself and my hands when it is appreciated. Many recipients really know how to react when given a quilt, their reactions make me want to sew even more. gift re 2

I made 3 different versions of this quilt for different babies born in the past couple of years. The thanks I received were effusive and from the heart.

Some of the Moms even posted pictures on Facebook of the baby on the quilt and tagged me in the picture. They sent me hand written notes.

They appreciated that I didn’t just go on line and pick out something from their registry, put in my credit card number and had it shipped. Some people really gifts re 4appreciate a handmade gift.

I made this quilt for the baby of my daughter’s college roommate. She is in a book club with me. She had mentioned how much she would love a quilt even before she was pregnant.

When my daughter had a still born this woman came and brought food, she cried with us.

I was thrilled to make her a quilt and gave it to her at a book club meeting. She got tears in her eyes and ran over to hug me. She sent me a hand written note and put a picture on my facebook page of her daughter with the quilt.

Should they add another child to the family, that little sibling will get a quilt as well.

I really believe in gratitude and hand written thank you notes when someone makes you a quilt. I think you should honor the work that goes into a handmade gift.

You don’t have to do all that, of course. I give gifts to many people who do not. For them, I love those gift registries!

Appreciation and gratitude make me Sew happy!

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