9 Famous Quotes about Sewing and Quilting

Whatever I do or read I am always thinking about how to tie it back to this blog. I love it, it gives my imagination a way to soar and my mind scrambles to think, could I make this into a quilting blog.

This time it was so easy and fun. I have a great friend who writes Tween Us here on ChicagoNow. She is also the author of Mom Factually which was the original motivation for my Fact posts. Recently I read her great post on Thanksgiving quotes.

Eureka, I thought, I’ve never done a post on quotes about sewing and quilting. There must be famous people who have uttered noteworthy sentences which would tie in with this blog. I poked around on the web and found some!

I put them on pictures and made it into a gallery. Some of the people who talked about sewing were surprising. Others, quite frankly, I had to google!

Enjoy these 9 Famous Quotes about Sewing and Quilting.

Sew happy!

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If you want to see famous people sewing, here’s another photo gallery you might enjoy.

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