8 Quilt Books that Need to be Written

I love books of all kinds. I belong to book clubs and read every single day. I also collect quilting and sewing books and use them for motivation and inspiration.

But quite frankly, there are books missing from the library, let alone my collection. I’ve figured out what they are.

Now some I need some authors because I’ve got the titles of 8 Quilt Books that Need to be Written. Now. Even better, yesterday.

Here they are, which one will you write?

book 8

I knew there was one Super Quilter out there, ready to whip out a needle and make everything all better.

book 5

 Wait, maybe we could be in this book. We’re real and we’re quilters, yes?

book 3

Now this is what I am talking about! Finally!

book 7

Hey, what does that fine print say?

book 1

I knew it! Those ladies who are so darn productive, they’re using magic!

book 6

Now this could be a best seller, quilter gone wrong.

book 4

I’ve got some extra cheese, I can do this!

book 2

Yes! I would love this and I ready have multiple machines!

I’d like to keep writing but I’m headed up to my local bookstore to preorder copies of all these!

Sew happy!

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