25 Quilt Experiences to have Before you Die

I am sure you have seen lists like this all over the internet.  I was recently reading one about 25 foods and I really liked it, it was 25 not a hundred or more. And I had eaten quite a few of them! Only a couple were foods from very specific exotic locations. It was a doable list.

I wanted a list like that for our wonderful hobby, 25 quilt experiences to have before you die. Here are my ideas but I want another list also. I figure I will just keep doing shorter lists!

1. Take a class and learn a new quilting skill.

2. Buy some sumptuous fabric that you just can’t live without.

3. Visit Paducah, Kentucky and the National Quilting Museum.

4. Visit a quilt shop when you are on vacation. Repeat.

5. Make a quilt you’re not that crazy about. Learn humility and compassion.25 things to do before I die

6. Make a quilt you absolutely adore.

7. Go to a local quilt show. Vote for your favorite quilt.

8. Go to a national quilt show. Bring money for the merchant mall.

9. Have a quilt you made in a show, any show.

10. Make a quilt without buying anything new.

11. Make a quilt with all brand new fabrics you got expressly for this quilt.

12. Give a baby a quilt you’ve made. (This makes me smile.)

13. Donate a quilt to charity or worthy cause.

14. Follow a quilt blog and make a comment.

15. Make a fun pillowcase for you and one for someone else.

16. Take pictures of your quilts and put in a quilt notebook or journal.25

17. Make a new quilt buddy either on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or through a blog.

18. Visit an area of the country where you can see Amish quilts in their natural habitat.

19. Have a quilt of yours on the bed and on a wall.

20. Name your sewing room or something in it.

21. Try using precuts in some sort of project.

22. Try to win a quilt. (Bonus if you do!)

23. Try to rescue or finish a quilt or quilt top made by someone else.

24. Quilt with other fabulous quilters in a bee, retreat, get together or guild meeting.

25. Do something new in quilting that scares you and do it anyway.

Now none of us wants to die, it’s just a saying that’s popular. Let’s do them all and then repeat lots and lots of time. I know I missed something BIG! Let me know.

Sew happy!

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