12 License Plates for Quilters

I am not a fan of bumper stickers but I still like my car to say something about me. Mine is a small electric car named Ellie Blue and I love her. I have a strip on the back that proclaims my Alma Mater and a license plate holder which boasts of my pride in being Irish. So it’s only natural that my license plate states that I am a quilter.

LIC REBut it’s kind of boring. I wish I had done something more fun with a bit more pizzazz!

QUILT LOVER or WILD QUILTER would be amusing but also expensive. In the state of Illinois there are only so many letters and numbers which you can have before your license plate moves from personalized to vanity.

The name vanity lets you know that you are going to be paying some serious coin for that plate.

MAKES QUILTS might not be worth 100 dollars plus to start  plus a bit extra each year to me.

However, there’s a lot of howevers in the blog, have you noticed? I begin again, however, what if we acted like there weren’t stiff fees for having quiltastic license plates?

What if you could just make up what you wanted and not worrying about paying the piper?

Pretending and making up are two of my favorite things. I did it with fortunes and books.  So I did it with license plates.

I made up a bunch of fake license plates for Quilters. See which one is your favorite.

maine Q

I love Maine, I’ve visited there and wanted to do one for sure for this fab state. Lame?

conn Q

 My husband used to live in Colorado so it had to be on the list also. I kind of like this one!

cali q

 I’m sorry, the Beach Boys were in my head.

ak q

I was in Alaska, they need quilts!

ohio q

I love that block so I had to pay some homage.

hawaii Q

I actually laughed like a silly kid at this one.

delaware-license-plate-hi Q

I could have done better but I like the numbers!

ny Q

Get it, a riff on the I ♥ NY campaign? No?

montana Q

I wanted to do one without a single real word. Montana was the winner winner chicken dinner!

kansas Q

I agonized over this one with Oz, slippers, you name it.

florida Q

I kindof liked this one and I don’t even know why!

illinois q

 I had to leave my state for last. It’s tongue in cheek because we’ve had 4 Governors go to Prison. But Abe was honest!

I left out 38 states not to mention every other country in the world. So there’s still lots of room here for amusing fake license plates. Or, what the heck, real ones! Let me know your clever ideas.

Sew happy!

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