10 Things Every Serious Quilter Has

I quilt and write about it so articles and musings about writing catch my eye. It’s a creative process like quilting and very enjoyable as well. There are similarities between the two endeavors however, whatever you write won’t keep you warm on a cold night!

Thread re 5But articles about writing can be adapted to quilting and vice versa. Fellow bloggers have been enjoying the post about 10 things every serious writer has and it seemed a natural to change to quilters.

Remember that all numbers can be larger in individual cases!

Apologies in advance if I left out your favorite or gave a number you feel is way off.

I think most every quilter could come up with their own list.

10 Things Every Serious Quilter Has

10 ways to cut fabric, in case one or 8 isn’t just right.

9 places to store fabric with bags and bins inside them. Or bulging out of them.

8 quilts you’d like to make someday and may have some of the fabric already. Just because.

7 favorite shades of thread mixed in with all your other spools.

6 measuring devices, at least one of which is plastic and  another which rolls up.

5 quilts you’ve made that you cherish.

4 unfinished projects at least one of which you no longer like.

3 designs you’ve made over and over again. And you’re not necessarily done yet.

2 favorite quilt stores and know the owners by name.

1 true love – fabric.

I was limited to ten items remember so it was interesting to try and figure out what to list where.

Sew happy!

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Here’s a post about quilters that I adapted from a post about musicians. We’re like everyone!

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