10 Fascinating Facts about scissors

Scissors are an integral part of sewing and quilting. They are an essential tool but just darn fun to own. We don’t run with our scissors, nope we clip, cut and create with them. But besides two handles and two blades what do I know about scissors? Barely anything so let’s learn some facts about scissors.

Line up your scissors and have them read too! We are off to fill in our gaps of scissor knowledge.

1. When were scissors invented? Hmm, a long time ago? True but specifically in 1500 BC in Egypt and then modified by the Romans in 100 AD. Read about it here on 10 Random Facts about scissors. 

2. What are shears?  I love my shears and I didn’t know this one. Shears are just larger instruments which surprised me when I read it on Scissors Facts. Scissors re

3. Scissors superstitions? Unbelievably there are many. I was shocked to read that if you drop a pair of scissors it means a lover is unfaithful. I don’t believe it but check out the rest.

4.  Plural of scissors? It’s still scissors. You only drop the “s” if it’s a verb – the gymnasts scissor their legs. I know, I had never thought about it either. More juicy tidbits here.

5. Quality scissors? Look at them, only the tips should touch when closed and when allowed to close, should only drop halfway. Hey, I am not making this up, look here. 

6. Largest Scissors? They are 7’7″ long, yeah, that’s a big pair of scissors and they work. Listen to the news announcement.

7. Care? There are three essentials but the one I follow the most is that I get mine sharpened by a professional every so often. Read the other two at this website.

8. Why “pinking” shears? In Old English pinken meant to prick which is what those serrated blades do when they make the design which discourages fraying. More fun items here. 

9. Scissor poem? I thought you’d never ask. You can find more here but this is a nice one by  Dwayne Richardson.

“With those
she’ll give new meaning
to “heads will roll.”ID-10065070

10.Scissor games? There is the ever popular Rock Paper Scissors and several web sites devoted to how to win. Huh? For real. Here’s one. 

Sew happy!

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