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Reading Day Holiday

It’s that time of the month once more, blogapalooza. Tonight’s challenge is “Create a new holiday, or holidays, that you believe should exist.” There are lots of cool things we could celebrate in our society. A few that come to mind are women named Kathy day, retired teacher week or take someone in their 60’s... Read more »

I am grateful for Quilters

My father is a very spiritual man and every Thanksgiving we join hands and state what we are grateful for. If you haven’t prepared ahead of time you end up mumbling something like, My family, which everyone else at the table has already said. It doesn’t mean that I am not grateful for my family,... Read more »

Review of Tinley Park Quilt Expo 2014

First quilts I saw were from the section of ART quilts exploring the theme Metaphors in Aging. Two Mothers, Two Daughters and a Dog was better than its name. Bodil Gardner of Denmark created it.
This is my third year attending the Quilt Expo held in Tinley Park. The first year I stayed at the hotel even though it’s only 20 minutes from my home. I did the whole experience, classes, shows and visit. The second year I thought I had tickets for a Friday class when it was in... Read more »

9 Famous Quotes about Sewing and Quilting

Joseph Chilton Pearce is an American author with an apt ability to make a great fabric quote.
Whatever I do or read I am always thinking about how to tie it back to this blog. I love it, it gives my imagination a way to soar and my mind scrambles to think, could I make this into a quilting blog. This time it was so easy and fun. I have a great... Read more »

12 License Plates for Quilters

I am not a fan of bumper stickers but I still like my car to say something about me. Mine is a small electric car named Ellie Blue and I love her. I have a strip on the back that proclaims my Alma Mater and a license plate holder which boasts of my pride in... Read more »

10 Fascinating Facts about scissors

Scissors are an integral part of sewing and quilting. They are an essential tool but just darn fun to own. We don’t run with our scissors, nope we clip, cut and create with them. But besides two handles and two blades what do I know about scissors? Barely anything so let’s learn some facts about... Read more »

12 DIY gifts to sew quickly

I just love my glasses case and I made one for my daughter and she loved it also! I plan on making at least 4 more for presents. You should too! <a href="">Here's the complete post</a>
When I taught, I made all my gifts in the summer. Now that I am retired, I am not nearly as industrious during the warm months. No, I wait until we’re about a month away and then I do the mad sewing marathons. Over the past two years as I make a gift, I write... Read more »

25 Quilt Experiences to have Before you Die

I am sure you have seen lists like this all over the internet.  I was recently reading one about 25 foods and I really liked it, it was 25 not a hundred or more. And I had eaten quite a few of them! Only a couple were foods from very specific exotic locations. It was... Read more »

Don't drink and drive: Drunk driving ended my grandmother's life and ruined another

Have you ever gotten behind the wheel drunk? I have not. On the very rare occasion that I have anything to drink, I don’t drive. Period. But not everyone feels this way and over the weekend, a ChicagoNow blogger was hit by a drunk driver and is very seriously injured. Another blogger suggested that we... Read more »

How to react when given a quilt

I love giving quilts as presents. I may be picky about to whom I give them but when I do, I can barely wait for you to open it. And 99% of the time, the recipients completely fulfill my desire for the quilt to go to the right home. I understand that when you give... Read more »
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