Working on two Quilts at Once

I started working on the No Dragons on my Quilt and I wasn’t really digging it. I found the cutting out of the pictures tedious. At the same time, I was stymied on using the fabrics I picked up which reminded me of the ocean and sky in Cuba. Plus the December deadline for a guild challenge was getting closer. I combined them all and right now I am working on two quilts at once.

I have never done this before, be in the production stage for two quilts at the same time. I usually have one on the Longarm and one I am piecing. I was not prepared for how much I would enjoy doing two, two quilts at once. It is like I am doubling my pleasure. I just keep thinking of the old Doublemint commercials. Yes, I am old! Ha!

In my case I am doubling my pleasure by piecing, which I adore and applique which I really want to do. And why did I avoid applique for so long? Because the finished square was always a bit off, just like my first one.two quilts re 1

I went online and read tons of posts about machine applique and then I bought stabilizer paper. Problem solved! Here I am sewing on the block with the stabilizer paper underneath. It’s fantastic!

two quilts re 5I am also thrilled to finally be using these Cuban inspired blues. I started out with these few. Then I went wild! I have yards and yards.

I am only using a morsel of them when you consider all I have collected. But it takes the pressure off to somehow create the perfect representation of my time there. I can just use the fabric because I like the colors.two quilts re 3

Likewise, I was frozen on moving forward on my challenge quilt. I had designed one but then I thought? Can I do a better one? What if this isn’t good enough. Enough ruminating, let’s just make it and the worst that happens is that you have an extra baby quilt to give someone.

two quilts re 4It felt great to take my design, a block guide, the fabrics and just start! Before I knew it, I had 3 blocks done and was starting on a 4th. And I love them!

I may not have a finished product to show for a while but I am having a ton of fun. I not only have the friendship star blocks finished that you can see but also 4 of the blocks of the Dragon quilt. That’s the whole first row!two quilts re 2

I am pretty pumped! Should I also start that T-shirt quilt I promised my nephew? If only my design wall was bigger and my cutting table just about two feet longer.

I will have to be content doing two quilts.

Sew happy!

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My last challenge quilt was Irish in the City. And the Dragon quilt? It’s from Jean Ray Laury!

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