What if I wasn't a Quilter

Have you ever pondered the road not taken? The choices not made and the ones made instead and where they have led you. When I was a Senior in High School I was accepted to Northwestern University for drama and the University of Illinois for Teaching Spanish. I had a very hard time choosing one. When I selected U of I and teaching, I didn’t really think about it much more. I loved my major and my career.

My life was too busy for what ifs but now that things have slowed down a bit I sometimes wonder what might have happened and one scary question is, What if I wasn’t a Quilter? I think about this sometimes as I wonder what non quilters do with their free time? I wonder what I would do if I didn’t quilt.

acoustic-guitar2Maybe I would have discovered a huge love of exercising. (Coughing with incredulity.) Yes, it’s far fetched but maybe I would have had all this free time and I could have gotten into competing. Perhaps I would have been a stellar athlete. Maybe an Olympian! OK, not even I can continue this what if. I have no athletic talent and less desire. There’s also the danger of injury.

So maybe I would have become a musician? I could have played the guitar and been a folk singer a la Joni Mitchell. Or a hard rocker perhaps? But wait, I probably would have to have some musical talent? And those musicians stay up late and party. I am not a partier, nope, this wouldn’t have worked.jack-links-original-beef-jerky

Hmmm, maybe quilting didn’t keep me from a life of the rich and famous but from the dark underworld of crime. Let’s say if I didn’t quilt, I’d get bored.  I’d go out and knock over a 7-11 due to a massive craving for beef jerky.  Yikes! But wait, I don’t really like beef jerky, I think I’m safe.

Fine, maybe I would just be bored and watch TV, something I do just a bit of on a regular basis. I would watch and watch and then get a fabulous idea for a script for an oh so clever sitcom. I go to Hollywood and pitch it and of course they produce it. My show is a huge hit! Move over Shonda Rhimes, there’s another powerhouse TV gal from the south suburbs of Chicago.

I think I would love this fantasy so let’s keep working it. I get caught up in the limelight, the bright stars of hollywoodHollywood and I become a different person. Plastic surgery, make up and stilettos are my passions. And I don’t know how to walk in high heels! I fall off them and get seriously injured.

While I am in the hospital I wail, I don’t want to be a famous screen writer! All I ever wanted to be was a quilter.

Lucky thing I am a quilter! And seriously if I wasn’t, I would probably be a better knitter. I think I was destined to be a quilter.

Plus being a quilter has obviously kept me from a life of crime, injury, partying and plastic surgery. Phew!

And being a quilter makes me Sew happy!

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