Havels scissors join my collection

As you may know, I love social media. I have my facebook page, my personal fb account, a Goodread account, a yelp account, an instagram account and a twitter account. I am mainly on Facebook but I jump around on the other accounts as well. It is surprising how each has added to my real life. On Twitter I recently received the following message.

Hi Kathy, I recently found your blogs and they are fantastic! I would love to send you a pair of our scissors. e-mail jmarsal@havels.com

I emailed them back and said, sure! I told them that if I liked them, I would certainly mention them in my blog and if I didn’t, I wouldn’t.

scissors re 1In a few days I received these scissors in the mail. To tell you the truth, I was a little skeptical because I am a Gingher girl. But hey, they were free I figured I would give them a try.

What I initially liked was the big handles. Most of the time if there are smaller blades, there are smaller places for your hands. And really why is that? My hands don’t shrink!

So I thought, OK, cool. Then I mused about when I would want small blades but room for my hands. I kept them by my machine and I just naturally picked them up when I was clipping corners.scissors re 2

I felt like the smaller blade gave me good control so I used them when I was cutting out small objects. I am doing that quite a bit lately with my Dragons quilts.

I also liked the strength of the blades when I was clipping through a lot. I really  liked them when I used them on this scissors re 3pouch. That zipper can be tricky to clip.

I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked these Havels scissors. They make a terrific addition to my family of scissors I have. Would I give up my shears? No way!

But there is definitely room on my sewing table for a useful new tool. I didn’t purchase mine but I googled them and found one place they are sold is Amazon. Of course!

My family of scissors is definitely growing! Some are favorites and used all the time. Others are specialty scissors and used only when I cut batting, for example. But I like them all for different reasons. And yes, I need 3 pair of Gingher shears!Scissors re

Anything you think I’m missing?

Sew happy!

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