Celebrating ordinary everyday sewing

I try to sew every single day. I don’t always make it up to the sewing room but I sure try. This week I have had almost too much fun with a blathering, Quilt guild, coffee with a friend, lunch with another and watching Zara three days. Add in some cooking, cleaning, bill paying and blog writing and it’s a wonderful full week. At the end of this week I didn’t have a finished quilt to show but that’s OK. I am happily celebrating ordinary everyday sewing.

every day re 2I don’t have a sponsored blog so any deadlines are self imposed. I am not pressured to create 5 new projects with any new line. I can just sew what I want when I want.

I have made quilts from kits. In fact, I made two of these a couple of years ago. One heart shaped quilt for each daughter. Kits are great everyday sewing!

I have also made quilts from precuts. Aren’t they fun and fast? And something to be celebrated like this charm patch quilt I made for Zara. every day re 3

This week I worked on my two quilts. I also repaired a chair cushion. I blame faulty original construction for the stitches that needed to be redone. It certainly wasn’t the size of my tushie, right?

In addition, up in my sewing room I looked at some new sewing magazines and books. I day dreamed and thought about what I possibly could make. I looked through my stash. I let my mind wander and it was marvelous. Nothing to show for it but refreshed batteries.

I made a pouch to hold a future birthday or Christmas present for Zara. I cut out some more headbands. I pondered my Friendship star quilt.

Did I mention I also made a boo boo? Yep, designed the Friendship star for a 12″ block and made a 9″ one. Oopsie! So I made a every day re 4new block but hung onto the mistake. You never know!

I thought about ordinary everyday sewing when I was at the quilt show and at my guild. All over the world women are doing sewing they love on a daily basis and it’s fantastic. It’s so worth celebrating.

We might not be winning prizes or sponsorship contracts. Our quilts might not be in magazines or on TV. But we love them and produce them stress free.

Personally I love making baby quilts. I have three stored up just in case. No elaborate quilting, just great cuddly quilts for babiesevery day re 1

Or on a normal, ordinary day you can  not produce anything and that’s stress free also. Let’s celebrate this form of quilting and sewing that is so full of joy.

Enjoy your ordinary everyday sewing!

Sew happy!

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When you are doing your every day quilting, use up those special fabrics. Your sewing is worth it!

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