A Few of My Favorite things

I was inspired to write this post by reading a similar one on Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom. Her post reminded me of the song from The Sound of Music and I was all in. However, rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens? Really?

It did make me think what are some of my favorite things right now? It can change from day to day or season to season. But right now here are a few of my favorite things.

fav re 2First of the leaves in fall. Was I not paying attention last year or are they really better this year? When I was a single mom and lived in a tree filled area I dreaded the leaves. I couldn’t enjoy them for years after I moved to a condo.

Now I adore them. This is a picture I took right here in Frankfort. If there weren’t those wires it would be a perfect shot. Those trees are gorgeous.

fav re 3

Next would be Aurifil thread. I love it unreasonably. I buy colors I don’t really need. Here’s my thread drawer.  I even tweeted this picture to Aurifil thread.

And they retweeted it which was super fun. Why? I am not sure, it just was. Most of those gorgeous colors are Aurifil.

fav re 5After that it would have to be Alegria shoes. I love shoes even though I have lousy feet. Years ago I had great shoes then sometime in my 40’s my feet started hurting. I went to foot doctors and then I gave up and wore Birkenstocks.

One day a side ad for Alegria shoes popped up on Facebook and I clicked on it. I bought my first pair in the fall of 2010. Now I have Alegria sandals, fav re 1boots, open back, closed shoes and in many colors. This is a shot of some of my shoe organizers in my closet.

I know, I have too many but boy oh boy, I love them. Here are my two latest purchases. They were half price! How could I not buy them? And I have worn the blue/black ones a ton. I want to wear the elephant ones because they’re super. The tops to go with are the problem.

fav re 4Time for one more favorite? Breakfast and specifically Oatmeal squares with fruit. I eat it at least 4 mornings a week.

They’re crunchy and I seriously adore them. I have been eating them for years. I like to mix up lunch and dinner but for breakfast I am sickeningly boring and repetitive. I love all breakfast foods and on a good day I have a hot breakfast for lunch.

Cereal in the morning and eggs midday? Perfection! And ridiculous, I know! Hey, you must have your favorites also!

All these indulgences make me Sew happy!

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    • Obviously, quilting is one of my favorite things and one reason is because it helps my brain. Read my post about it here. 

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