9 Fortune Cookies for Quilters

I came home from my Modern Quilt Guild and my husband had eaten Chinese food for dinner. He likes it more than me so I love it when he has it when I am not home. I like it but not as often as he does so it’s a great solution. He orders lots because he relishes eating the leftovers for breakfast. I love him anyway.

fortune 12One of the reasons I love him is because he leaves me the fortune cookies. Here are three of them on the table runner. The great thing about them is that they last forever so I cracked them open today. fortune 13

I immediately read the fortunes. Meh. Couldn’t they be a little more original?

Or better yet, personal?

At this point my mind was racing. I immediately began thinking of fortune cookies for quilters.

I had a ton of fun coming up with these. Let me know which one is your favorite. I would choose one but I am too busy eating three fortune cookies.

fortune 8

Number one – I like it!

fortune 4

Number two – these people know me!

fortune 11

Number three – I knew it!

fortune 7

Number Four – Hmmm, seems a bit pushy.

fortune 6

Number Five – Good thing this is the last course!

fortune 2

Number Six – You talking to me?

fortune 5

Number Seven – No way! Seriously?

fortune 3

Number Eight – I rather like the second option.

fortune 1

Number Nine – Wait, did someone put you up to this?


Sew happy!

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