12 Fascinating Facts about Thread

I love thread and the more colors I can collect, the better. And when I like something, I want to know more about it.

Let’s learn some facts about Thread.Thread re 2

1. What is thread? Good question and I found the answer on How Products are made where they state that thread is “two tightly twisted pieces of yarn which is circular.”  Makes sense to me!

2. When was thread invented? According to Alex Askaroff, thread began with man walking on two legs. Early threads were from nature; plants, animals and trees provided thread.

3. Largest manufacturer of thread? Coats is for industrial thread and possibly for craft thread as well. No one else popped up on any search engine.

4.Any thread controversy? Yes, there are lawsuits about jeans which have a Made in the USA label when the threads are imported. Thread re 1They are only sewn in the USA. Read more here. It’s an interesting question to ponder.

5. Can thread fight bed bugs? Yes, as a matter of fact it can. Coats developed Insectaban which has a coating which is fatal to bed bugs. Who knew?

6. What’s the most important thing to consider? When you buy your thread, the most important thing is to get quality thread according to Bob Purcell. I didn’t buy the expensive thread when I started sewing, but now I do. I gave away most of my bargain thread.

7. How many basic types of thread are there? There are three – thread from animals, plants or synthetic. This makes a lot of sense but I didn’t think of it on my own, I read it here. 

8. What is the highest thread count possible? It is impossible to fit more than 360 threads in a square inch. If you see a 1000 thread count, don’t believe it. It’s 250 with four ply thread. I was shocked to read this on an Ebay fact sheet.

9. What if I want to learn even more? Check out the Windham museum, it’s all about textiles and threads in Connecticut.Thread re 6

10. Are there idioms with the word thread? You bet, there are four you can read here but my favorite is to hang on by a thread. Which I hope you are not doing!

11. Is thread used in any unusual ways? Yes, it is used in sutures and according to this site there are 26 different kinds of sutures that a doctor may use to stitch you and your body up!

12. Are there any songs about thread? Surprisingly there are quite a few, pop, rock and children’s songs. But I found one I actually that was wonderful. Make sure you listen to the lyrics! Here is Needle and Thread by Alice Englert.

Sew happy!

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I wrote a post once about Aurifil thread facts. It was a fun one!

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