Where are the Quilters in a post apocalyptic world?

My husband watches multiple shows about the dire future facing we humans after the zombies, aliens, machines or general troublemakers attack and leave us to fend in a sad, sad future. These shows always feature a guy named Governor, Sheriff or head honcho or something leading a hardy group of survivors. The survivors are all good looking, athletic, have great looking teeth and wear slightly torn clothing with dirt artfully applied to their faces. They include a host of characters but never a quilter. What? Where are the quilters in a post apocalyptic world?

walking-featQuilters should be there, surviving and creating the new world order. There is the grizzled old timer, the young innocent girl, the cynical young man, a child and the eager types who are going to save them all. But no quilters, nary a one.

Why does this matter? Because having Quilters in a post apocalyptic world shows respect. We gain street cred. We get movie credits and contracts. Or I just want them, OK?

bad thingIf we’re there after the worst in a movie or TV show it means we’ve arrived. Or maybe it doesn’t mean a darn thing but bear with me here. I am on a roll.

How are we to accomplish this? Do we need better teeth? Dirt applied artfully to our faces?

Should we do an online petition? Stage a sit in? Or better yet, a quilt in?

Perhaps we need to lead the way with our own dystopian show. Oh yes, that would be just perfect. Here’s the pilot.

Quilting in the Day After tomorrow

You could have a normal set up for one of these shows set in the aftermath of some cataclysmic event, it doesn’t really matter what. When all seems lost and everyone is despairing, enter a troupe of quilters. With a stash on our back and a treadle machine on a cart we set up shop. Half_Life(Who’s in? Send me your resumes.)

First we make everyone new clothes, yay! They all feel better. They wash their faces.

We then start making quilts. Everyone is ecstatic, they get a cozy good nights sleep. They make plans for the future.

Oh no, the enemy (aliens, giant vegetables, whatever) menaces our newly clean and warm group. Everyone quakes in fear.

The quilters aren’t afraid, oh no! They offer a quilt to the bad guys. Wait, all they needed was a quilt! Now they’re happy.

ID_D19_08454_R3A.JPGNext episode, rebuilding the world, one quilt at a time.

And that’s a wrap.

Oh, and Jennifer Lawrence could play the head quilter. What do you think?

Quilters who save the earth and mankind? Sew happy!

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