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DIY Fall Toddler Skirt Tutorial

Let's make this cute skirt!
It is fall when leggings and layers are the perfect thing to wear. And what goes with them? A cute skirt. I decided to make one for my darling Zara. I have made enough skirts that I knew I needed basically a waistband and fabric to gather around it for the skirt. I decided to... Read more »

No more thread boogers

I just wanted to write a quick post about thread boogers. That is what I have always called those annoying clusters of thread on the back side of whatever I am sewing. I had seen these little disks advertised and wondered if they worked. How could they? At a quilt show I bought a package... Read more »

The Irish goodbye

How does your family depart a social occasion, family gathering or party? I think every family has their own rituals or behavior which is expected. My family has their own version of the Irish Goodbye and for us, it works. A traditional “Irish Goodbye” has several explanations online. According to ABC news this is one... Read more »

Babies and life and death and love

I wrote previously about a special quilt I made to remember with love my son who died as a tiny infant. I made it to donate and actually had a bit of trouble finding a local hospital which had a program that wanted or needed this quilt. I wanted it to go someplace where it... Read more »

Orange strip quilt is finally finished

Cue the band, I finished the orange strip quilt. There were some definite bumps in the road and their name was tension. I got the problem fixed, sortof. I decided that I wanted to finish this quilt even though it wasn’t perfect. I redid quite a few rows and then declared the quilt finished. I... Read more »

Fantasy Comments on Quilt blogs

I love reading tweets by fellow quilters around the world. They amuse me, make me sad, make me glad and occasionally challenge me.  This is one of the latter. Someone needs to do a quilt blog version of this stat. “All The Comments on Every Recipe Blog” — Coral (@CoralQuilts) September 5, 2014 Another... Read more »

Where are the Quilters in a post apocalyptic world?

My husband watches multiple shows about the dire future facing we humans after the zombies, aliens, machines or general troublemakers attack and leave us to fend in a sad, sad future. These shows always feature a guy named Governor, Sheriff or head honcho or something leading a hardy group of survivors. The survivors are all... Read more »

Ripping out Longarm quilting is a crummy job

In my lifetime I really haven’t had any crummy jobs. All my adult jobs have been teaching, tutoring, grading AP exams and other positions in the educational field. Now that I am a quilter, I have one crummy job and that is ripping out Longarm quilting. It’s enough to make me into a knitter, those... Read more »

DIY Zippered Pouch tutorial

Here are the top and the bottom of the pouch. They will both be folded in half and joined with a zipper.
Need a little something to keep everything organized? You can follow this DIY Zippered Pouch tutorial for pencils, make up or even small toys. Materials: – sizes are somewhat approximate especially for back. You may have leftover fabric. 5″ by 13″ piece of fabric – careful if directional 17″ by 13″ coordinating piece of fabric –... Read more »

Teacher reaction vs Quilter reaction to start of school

School is starting up in waves across the states. I see cute pictures of  kids on their first day. When my girls were starting school there was no Facebook so I just took them for our own photo albums and I love them, all of them. I am pretty calm about the start of school... Read more »