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My favorite year - a quilter's fantasy

Boy it’s been quite a year here in the quilting world. I can hardly believe it, in fact is it true or is my favorite year a quilter’s fantasy? Let’s look over all the exciting developments of the past year. First there was the news last winter that sewing and quilting erased wrinkles. I don’t know,... Read more »

DIY Modern Table Runner plus Tree Motif

My Modern Guild has a challenge nearly every month. I resolved to participate in more which was easy as my previous record had been one. The challenge for September was to create a table runner in the Modern Quilt aesthetic. In addition to that, my 3 Classics in One Year Book Club will have our... Read more »

Now is Better than the Good old Days

I like today, the way we are now. Sure, there are things I miss about the past. I am sentimental about some aspects of society which are gone but not forgotten. But I prefer to celebrate what’s new and current and enjoyable. Let’s not mourn the past but enjoy with both hands all there is... Read more »

Round Robin Stage Two

Do you not adore these coasters? Me too! It was a gift from the quilter who made the original center block. I LOVE them. And secretly, I want to make a set myself some day.
I know we are not supposed to show the whole finished stage of the Round Robin in our blogs but I just couldn’t resist. I decided if I put a spoiler alert and made it a gallery the original quilter won’t have the surprise ruined. Here we go with the spoiler alert! This gallery shows... Read more »

10 reasons to love Fall

When I taught school, fall wasn’t my favorite season. I was all about summer which is a great season. But I have recently fallen in love with autumn and I think you should too. To help you out I am giving you 10 reasons to love Fall. 1. Apples – Hello Honey Crisp my favorite... Read more »

DIY Emma of The Wiggles Costume Tutorial

I love making Halloween costumes that don’t involve sewing fuzzy, furry huge costumes that beat you up as you create them.  I made them for my own girls and now I am very lucky, I get to make them for Zara as well. Last year, she was a duck. This year, Emma! It’s easy and... Read more »

Highlights of my second year of blogging

People love Halloween costumes and this post I did last September got lots of traffic. I loved looking back at the old school look.<a href="">See more pics heret</a>
It’s September 22rd which marks the end of my second year of blogging here at ChicagoNow.  I know, I can’t believe I’m two either! In blogging will I be in the terrible twos now? I am a sentimental gal so I looked over all 264 posts I published last year. That’s 44 more posts than... Read more »

Ovarian Cancer Kills 14,000 women a year - Don't be one of them

I want you to live a rich, full and LONG life. I want the same thing for me and I would have loved it for my Mom as well. She died at age 59 after being diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian cancer. She was not alone, Ovarian Cancer Kills 14,000 women a year. How can you... Read more »

When a quilter has a cold

Home for the day surrounded by all kinds of fun things to keep me busy. I'll just read the paper a bit...zzzzzzz.
Achoo! A while ago, I had a cold. I thought my cold would help me sew more. I was home for rest, surely I could turn it into a good quilting day. Or could I? Let’s follow me through the day and see how much sewing I got done. We shall call our picture tale,... Read more »

Repairing a Real Quilt

My daughter has a quilt, a flannel one that I gave her on her 21st birthday in April of 2002. I made it knowing that it would be in a college apartment for two years and maybe not survive past that. I didn’t quilt it, I tied it and lo and behold, it is still... Read more »