No more thread boogers

I just wanted to write a quick post about thread boogers. That is what I have always called those annoying clusters of thread on the back side of whatever I am sewing. I had seen these little disks advertised and wondered if they worked. How could they? At a quilt show I bought a package to give them a try.

I’ve been using one in the bobbin case of my Longarm for about 6 months now and you know what? No more thread boogers! It’s amazing.t boogers re

I wonder if I need a package in my domestic machine? I sometimes will have a birds nest of threads at the end or start of a row.

I think there are several brands out there. I am not being paid to make this endorsement, I bought them completely and innocently on my own.

But when something works that well for me, I just like to spread the word. I won’t make any money if you buy them or not. In fact the Mega Genie people don’t even know I am writing this post. I googled where to order them and this site came up.

I am just thrilled to have one problem in my life completely solved. What products do you love this much?

No more thread boogers makes me sew happy!

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