My favorite year - a quilter's fantasy

Boy it’s been quite a year here in the quilting world. I can hardly believe it, in fact is it true or is my favorite year a quilter’s fantasy? Let’s look over all the exciting developments of the past year.

First there was the news last winter that sewing and quilting erased wrinkles. I don’t know, something in the fabric. Sales of botox plunged while quilt stores began to crop up. Best part, for me, was that the longer you’ve been sewing, the less wrinkles you will have. Each stitch seems to make my face smoother and smoother. I’m saving a fortune on facial cream.favorite year

Plus an unlined face now marks a quilter. I feel a new murmur as I move through crowds. I see those heads nodding and their lips moving, “There goes a quilter is the word on the street.”

I started sewing at age 12 and now, 49 years later, this miracle has been discovered. Sewing gives me more than threads on my clothes, it gives me a chance to start frowning and squinting all over again.

I didn’t even mind the cold or at least worry didn’t show on my face as we segued to spring. Rain brought the early flowers, warmer temps and can you believe it, more great quilting news? It hardly seems possible but scientists discovered that the only difference between working out and quilting was the gear. Yep, if you bought the lycra shorts and sports bra to wear while you quilted, it was the equivalent of spin class, weight training and a jog around the block.

Naturally I couldn’t wear enough of those close fitting duds. And I made five quilts! My arms are shapely, my core tight and my heart in perfect shape. Eat too much one day? Make up for it with your rotary cutter and featherweight! And the older you are, the bigger the benefits.

Too busy to sew? Just double up on the weekend. It’s unbelievable, I know. Turns out it was all in the clothing and we have Mrs. Milly Needlesharp to thank. Seems she came home from a a long quilt cruise with nothing clean to wear. While the laundry room hummed, she donned Nike clothing her daughter workout-gearhad left under the bed and the rest is history.

What more could I want? My bod is buff, my face is smooth and I’ve never been more productive in the sewing studio. I am ready. oh so ready, for summer.

Making all those quilts had really exercised my brain and in June I had a yen to try the stock market. I bought a few stocks and BAM they made money. I helped my favorite charity pick out a few and theirs did even more spectacularly than mine. My credit card debt was gone, my mortgage paid off and my loved ones had money in the bank. This special skill seemed to work best after I had made a quilt for others and only when I bought stocks that helped make the world a better place.

Who knew that measuring and cutting developed the exact part of the brain which led to wise financial decisions and economic acumen! Not only does my face not show my worries, I have no money worries to fret about.fantasy

I guess you can see why this has been my favorite year. All of this and I am a quilter too? Why, shucks,  just being a quilter is really enough.

I’m not greedy, I don’t need more come winter. I will snuggle in my quilts and enjoy my new found luck. (However, should my feet suddenly cease to ache and fit in any shoe or sock I fancy, I wouldn’t complain.)

And if this is all a dream, nobody better wake me up.

Quilting just makes me Sew happy!

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Yes, I am prone to fantasies, here’s another one.

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