DIY Modern Table Runner plus Tree Motif

My Modern Guild has a challenge nearly every month. I resolved to participate in more which was easy as my previous record had been one. The challenge for September was to create a table runner in the Modern Quilt aesthetic. In addition to that, my 3 Classics in One Year Book Club will have our Grand Finale for A Tree Grows in Brooklyn next Sunday so I was reading that. It just so happens it was a banned book at some point and last week was Banned Books Week.  Coincidence? Oh probably but still, I had to combine them.

tree r re 1I decided to make my modern table runner with A Tree Grows in Brooklyn motif and make it during banned books week. You know I love stuff like this! And I did it, I started Monday and finished a couple of hours before guild on Thursday. Phew.

If you look at the green fabric in the middle, that is what I started with, 3 yards of it that I got half price a couple of months ago. I was going to just make napkins for the Grand Finale.

Once this more grandiose scheme came to me I needed more fabric and I didn’t have time to wander here and there. I went online to and I searched Tree fabric. Surprisingly, I had quite a few choices. Click click and a few days later, I had them all.Tree r re 2

I decided I didn’t want it longer than 56 inches nor wider than 12 inches and it’s like 53″ by 12″ finished so I accomplished that goal. In addition, I ended up with a Modern Table runner plus tree motif to use next fall as well. Perfect!

First, I played around with the twelve inches, using a piece of the original green and the grey I wanted to use to symbolize the tenement buildings in the book. I decided I liked this design.

I cut a 7″ by 9″ main piece and two 3″ by 2″ to accompany them. You could make them longer, wider, smaller or whatever. You can have three or four Tree r re 3smaller bits of the same fabric or different ones. Modern table runners are pretty versatile.

I cut 5 strips of 1″ wide grey fabric and used it to join the pieces together. There are various ways you can do this. If I had had more width, I would have increased the size of the grey. Tree r re 4

I did the same for a total of 7 fabrics, that was long enough.

I put them on my design wall and played with where I thought they went best.

Once I liked them I cut 5 strips of 2 inch grey fabric. Again, you can play with yours how you like it. You could have only 3 blocks but have them bigger with bigger borders. This set up is very common in Modern quilts and runners.

I sewed the blocks together with the thin grey strips and then bound them with the thicker one.

Tree r re 5

I really liked the way it looked. Many of my tree fabrics were directional so I had to make a decision from the get go how to place them. I like the way it looks, phew. You never really know, you know what I mean?Tree r re 7

I took the two fabrics that I didn’t use on the front and cut them into various shapes and flipped them around. I also used pieces of the original green.

Before I started playing with the back fabrics I made sure I had cut all the napkins and put them aside.

tree r re 9I quilted in on my domestic machine, straight line quilting about every half inch on the short side.

I bound it with a 2.5 inch binding folded and then pressed down. I secured it by hand. I did most of the hand sewing Wednesday night watching an episode of The Roosevelts. I finished it while Z took a nap on Thursday and took a picture of it on my daughter’s desk chair.

Loved it! I was happy to share it at guild. I took a picture of it on my table, figuring out how I will set it for Book Club. tree runner done re

You know I will post again about how that all goes. But yikes, first I have to finish the napkins. I have 5 hemmed and 5 more to go. I have 9 people coming so I will have one extra. Good, I like extras!

Making something with a theme makes me Sew happy!

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I made a table runner last fall also. Easy! Check it out here.

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