DIY Fall Toddler Skirt Tutorial

It is fall when leggings and layers are the perfect thing to wear. And what goes with them? A cute skirt. I decided to make one for my darling Zara.

I have made enough skirts that I knew I needed basically a waistband and fabric to gather around it for the skirt. I decided to have a ruffle at the bottom and a hidden underskirt.

Materials needed:

  • 18.5 ” of elastic (measure your child)
  • 4 pieces of fabric 34″ to 42″ wide or wider if you want to piece and 4 to 8 inches long
  • thread to match

Look at the gallery for a DIY Fall Toddler Skirt tutorial. Once you get the concept you can make yours fluffier by having wider layers. You can have more ruffles. You can make yours longer by having longer pieces of fabric. It’s very fun and flexible!

You can probably find small pieces of fabric in your stash to make this cute skirt. Mine is a 2 T but you could make this all the way up to a size 6 if you want.

Ready? Let’s make a skirt.

Sew happy!

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Last year I made Zara a dress. Here is that post.

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