DIY Emma of The Wiggles Costume Tutorial

I love making Halloween costumes that don’t involve sewing fuzzy, furry huge costumes that beat you up as you create them.  I made them for my own girls and now I am very lucky, I get to make them for Zara as well. Last year, she was a duck. This year, Emma! It’s easy and I am here to share with you my Emma of the Wiggles costume tutorial.

wiggles re 0Are you familiar with Emma? She’s simply great. And look what she’s wearing – yellow shirt, black skirt, tights, shoes and lots of bows.

You’ve got this! Wiggles re 2

Here’s what you need for at 2T:

  • 1/2 inch elastic – 18 inches or more
  • 36 inches by 4.5 inches of black satin for waist band
  • 2 pieces of black fabric for skirt – I made mine 17′ by width of fabric
  • Yellow ribbon or braid
  • Black and yellow thread
  • Pins and a sewing machine

Measure your little Emma to see what size to make the waistband. It will be twice the size of the elastic which is her waist size. You can also adjust the length if your cutie is taller!

And you need some patience.


That black satin will want to slip all over the place!

Wiggles re 5

Stitch both pieces of the skirt together, make sure rights sides are together.

Hem the bottom, yes the whole bottom. I used my rolling hem foot but it was a pain so I just ironed it and stitched it down.

Do the longest stitch you have all around the top, one set that starts and ends at each seam, then an identical set on the other side.

Pin and stitch down the yellow braid or ribbon to cover the side seams.Wiggles re 6

Stitch the side seams of the waistband and finish the seams. Press a small amount of the top down and then about 3/4 of an inch down. Pin and sew in place, leaving a gap for the elastic.

Now you have a finished waist band and a finished skirt. Sort of.

The skirt needs to have the threads pulled up. Do this gently.

When it looks about the same size as the waistband, pin the sides. Now ease the gathered up skirt onto the waistband.

You will sew this thready mess together. You might goof up a bit. No biggie, just redo.

Wiggles re 8

This will try your patience. But smile and keep going.Wiggles re 10

When you get it all together, go back and check. You might have to take out a few stitches and redo where it got too bunched up or caught some fabric it shouldn’t have.

I then went around and clipped and zig zagged the bottom of that thready seam.

You will end up with this gorgeous skirt that is satiny and super fun!

Now you need to find the rest of the costume – a yellow shirt, black tights and shoes.

Wiggles re 11Don’t forget the ribbons!

My daughter also found a yellow petticoat super cheap on line. wiggles re 12Here is the costume ready for Z when we go to the Wiggles concert and then for Halloween.

When I broached the idea to Zara of trying on the skirt her immediate reaction was NO! No way. But thenI coaxed her and finally she tried on the skirt and loved it. Here she is wearing it over her regular clothes.

If you found this tutorial too brief, I made her a skirt last week and have a more detailed one here. This black skirt just doesn’t have the underskirt with ruffle.

Sew happy!

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Here is last year’s post on Zara’s Halloween costume. Quack, quack!

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