Babies and life and death and love

I wrote previously about a special quilt I made to remember with love my son who died as a tiny infant. I made it to donate and actually had a bit of trouble finding a local hospital which had a program that wanted or needed this quilt. I wanted it to go someplace where it would be used and spread some love.

baby quilt reLuckily, Providence Portland Medical Center solicited quilts for their new NICU center. I read about it on the Modern Quilt Guild’s page and posted it on my own page as well. I sent them an email and then sent off the white quilt. Here’s a picture of it in case you did not read that post.

I received just wonderful responses back from Lora Keenan. She was moved by my making this quilt to honor my son and arranged for the first baby born at the NICU to receive it.  I was flabbergasted with her compassion and q re

This week she sent me a picture of baby Amelia with the quilt. With her are her parents.  And this tiny baby is alive, well and thriving. It warmed my heart and made me believe in happy endings again.

It was nice to have this happy story stored in my heart today.

Today was a very hard day for our family. My daughter had a stillborn baby girl before she gave birth to Zara, our beloved Zara. You may have read about 20 million posts about her and the things I joyfully sew for her

Zara was going to be a big sister as Emily was 13 weeks pregnant. I accompanied her to her normal check up and they couldn’t hear the heartbeat.

They checked with an ultrasound and the tiny baby my daughter and son in law had nicknamed Lucky had died. We are all devastated that the tiny little baby  we already loved with all our hearts, would not join our family in March.

As we deal with our loss and sorrow, I remember the white baby quilt. That little quilt was given to a baby who will live, thrive and love. Sometimes there is a happy ending. It heartens me and keeps me going.

Just not today for us. I will be taking some time off or maybe I will need to write and will pop up again.

Please keep our family in your thoughts.

When you can, Sew happy.

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Here is a link to the original post on the white baby quilt.

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