10 reasons to love Fall

When I taught school, fall wasn’t my favorite season. I was all about summer which is a great season. But I have recently fallen in love with autumn and I think you should too. To help you out I am giving you 10 reasons to love Fall.

1. Apples – Hello Honey Crisp my favorite fruit, you crunchy sweet but still tart darling. Or any kind of apples. 326335_2155340039326_1573202203_oBuy them at the store or the famers’ market or an orchard. They are fabulous. Eat one a day and you know what will happen.

2. Weather – It’s changeable so you get to still wear some of your favorite summer things while popping on some new fall goodies. Sandals, sure, they’re good some days. Boots, yes there are some fall days with boot weather. Shoes and socks, they are making a comeback. No A/C, just digging this cool weather.

3.  Dinner – You can still grill some nights or you can heat up a stew, a pot o chili or some hot soups. And what’s for dessert? See #1 above.

4. Jean jackets – I adore my jean jacket but in the summer I’m baking in it, the winter it’s not enough and in the spring the rain leaks through. It’s perfect in the fall and everybody looks good in them. Babies? Yes. Young kids? Yes, Celebrities? Probably. Denim-Jacket-for-WomenWomen in their 60’s? Heck yes! We were made for them and were the generation which brought them off the horses and into the fashion world.

5. Sports – Football has started, baseball is finishing up, basketball and hockey are teasing us. Kids have soccer and you don’t have to slather them with so much sun screen. Some outdoor pools are still open and the indoor ones are perfect. You can walk or bike and not get sun stroke or frostbite. Outdoor tennis is still an option minus the profuse sweating.

6. Breezes – Throw open the windows and catch those cool breezes. Sleep without the air conditioning on and snuggle with one quilt. These are not the harsh tornado brewing breezes of spring, these are the cool this lady off breezes of fall.

7. Two names – You can call it fall OR you can call it autumn. Both are correct! What other season has two official names?

8. Pumpkin – I love pumpkin anything. Anything? Yes! Bread, pie, cake, muffins, soup, cookies and jack o lanterns. I like Pumpkin spice lattes and they don’t even have any pumpkin in them.a pumkin

9. Orange – I love the color orange. I just made an orange quilt. I like orange t-shirts and jackets. It mixes well with black, navy, yellow and jeans. It pops! All the cool kids are wearing orange cause it’s practically the official color of Fall!

10. Television – Still watching series on the DVR that we didn’t get to all summer and hooray, the new shows are coming on. I am not even that much of a TV junkie but the promise of a new season of shows holds out hope that there will be some winners offered that won’t be canceled.

I hope you get out there and enjoy Fall and not just for Halloween, duh, that’s so obvious. It’s a season we love for itself, we are not hurrying it along like spring. And when you are a retired teacher like me? Fall will make you happy.

Sew happy!

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I have raved about orange before in this post. 

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