What if there was Quilt Click bait

I am not willing to admit how much time I spend on my computer (way too much) but I have seen a ton of click bait. I used to fall for it, I admit it. I would click and end up on something that wasn’t even remotely interesting. But boy those headlines sure did get the clicks. I grew up before the age of click bait so maybe that’s why I was so susceptible.

One of the things I like about quilt article and blogs is that they don’t use click bait to get you to read the post. There really is no such thing as Quilt click bait.

Until now, evil laugh.

I saw the title of a goofy post on Facebook and it made me laugh. Then I wondered, what if there was Quilt Click Bait?  I tried to  think of phony and goofy ways to entice people to read more quilt posts.  Here are some I came up with and I bet you can think of one or two also.

1. 6 baby quilt patterns that will guarantee your child sleeps through the night.

2. Quilters live longer lives and you can too if you read their secrets here.

3. 10 insanely mind blowing facts about quilters and their threads

4. Why do quilters never have colds?  The answers will shock you.

5. Our panel all began to quilt and you won’t believe what happened next.

6. You can spend a fortune trying to look young when quilting is the true fountain of youth.

7. Watch this video of kittens who make a quilt.quilting kitten

8. Aliens are alive and well and living in quilt studios and the government doesn’t want you to know.

9. Cure for cancer discovered in scraps of Quilt project.

10. How quilting saved my marriage.

11. Best parenting tips to avoid surly teenagers – have them quilt.

12. Secrets of the Amish – avoid belly fat by quilting

13. Were the dinosaurs the first quilters?

14. Final quilts of dead celebrities

15. Quilting regularly will cure baldness, click to find out how.

16. Quilters are immune to Ebola virus and you won’t believe why.

What do you think? Would you read these articles? I have to admit, I probably would read all of them some of them a few.

Quilt blogs are usually about establishing a quilting community of readers/sewists/fabric enthusiasts. Click bait will get you just one view.  A normal quilting blog will help you sew, make you think about fabric and connect you with like minded quilters. Sounds a lot better than one click to me however these were fun to make up.

I think after this article I will stay away from click bait. That is until they discover Elvis lives in nearby quilt studio!

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I dabble in social media and quilt humor every now and again. Here’s one on Quilt brags.

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