Seeing Alaska from a small boat

I had a yen to go to Alaska, both for the wildlife but also because I had visited 49 states. Wouldn’t it be cool to have visited all 50? It had only taken me 61 years!

We went to a meeting about a cruise to Alaska and the big boat just didn’t appeal to us. A couple of days later we got a postcard from the University of Illinois alumni association about seeing Alaska from a small boat.

That appealed to us, just 65 passengers with everything included. We signed up and at the beginning of August we took off for Sitka.

We took tons of pictures none of which adequately show the magnificence of what we saw. The only problem we had was that my husband is 6’6″ and our cabin was only 6’4″ and the bathroom even lower. Ouch was a common phrase.

But the small boat able to penetrate narrow channels and get right up next to the glaciers, now that was worth a few bumps on the head. (I guess that’s easy for me to say, it wasn’t my head!)

Take a look at my pictures and see if you think a small boat is the way to see Alaska!

Traveling makes me sew happy!

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I wrote about Alaska earlier in the week. Here’s that post.

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