HD quilting with Catherine Redford

One of the guilds to which I belong is the Naperville Modern Quilt Guild which meets once a month. I like investigating the modern aesthetic with these women but I am also a little in awe of them. Many of them are really big fish in the Modern Quilting Pond, I know because I am a very little fish and we recognize big fish.

We have members who are leaders and shakers, publishing books and appearing in quilting magazines. One of these eminent members is Catherine he re 1Redford who is a quilt teacher extraordinaire.

Catherine brings many of her latest projects like this grey one on the left. I am not sure you can see how extraordinaryhd re 3 her quilting is.  I think the close up on the right shows it better.

This super quilting is what she calls HD quilting. It is a very apt title as her quilting is more clear and defined than most quilting.

In order to make some of the quilting even more pronounced she will switch to a heavier weight thread. She is used to using heavier thread from her vast experience with African Embroidery.

If you are thinking why this Catherine sounds multi talented then you are correct! If you would like to learn more about the whole of her you should check out her blog.

Can you see why I love this guild? And its members? I am thisclose to an actual new and legitimate quilting trend.

What’s that, you would like to see more of HD quilting with Catherine Redford? Well then you are in luck as I have a couple more pictures.

hd re 4This is a scrap quilt which Catherine made recently and shared with our guild.

If you look carefully in the upper left quadrant, you will see some super HD quilting. How about if I just isolate the area about which I am writing? I think you will love it.

Isn’t it terrific?hd re 5

There you have it, HD quilting and you, my friend, are now officially on the cutting edge of quilt trends!

New legitimate trends in quilting with cool names can make me sew happy!

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