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Breaking the rules and liking being old

I am 61 years old, yippee! I am happy to be this age with many experiences under my belt and cool stuff yet to come. If I am OKAY with my age how come the rest of the world is not? Why is it bad to be old? I don’t think it is and I... Read more »

The best principals are those with whom you can disagree

It’s our monthly Blogapalooza night and the topic is to write a letter to someone with whom you’ve had a disagreement. Easy, I’ll write to one of my former principals. Dear Jim, Hey there, it’s me, Kathy! You were my principal and I was the 8th grade Spanish teacher. Remember all the good times we... Read more »

What if there was Quilt Click bait

I am not willing to admit how much time I spend on my computer (way too much) but I have seen a ton of click bait. I used to fall for it, I admit it. I would click and end up on something that wasn’t even remotely interesting. But boy those headlines sure did get... Read more »

Pieced back for the Orange strip quilt

I’ve been away from my sewing machine too much. Trip to Alaska was a good reason, hospitalization for my sweet husband was a bad reason. After long hours at the hospital Cliff told me to go home and sew. So I did but not before I picked up a pizza. Hey, a girl’s gotta eat!... Read more »

Ugly blocks in the quilt of life

My life is an improvisational scrap quilt. It’s made up of all kinds of fabrics and blocks. It is definitely quilted in a meander pattern. I like quilts like that but when it’s your life some of those blocks are not so much fun to live. This past week was a bunch of ugly blocks... Read more »

Seeing Alaska from a small boat

We landed in Sitka and were taken by its small town charm and magnificent scenery.
I had a yen to go to Alaska, both for the wildlife but also because I had visited 49 states. Wouldn’t it be cool to have visited all 50? It had only taken me 61 years! We went to a meeting about a cruise to Alaska and the big boat just didn’t appeal to us.... Read more »

Interview with Janneken Smucker - author of Amish Quilts

For Christmas I received a definitive book on Amish Quilts by Janneken Smucker. I knew about this book because a former student of mine had posted a blurb about her friend’s forthcoming book on my Facebook wall because she knew I was a quilt nut! Not only am I a quilt and book nut, I... Read more »

Overheard at the Quilt retreat

I have never attended an overnight Quilt retreat. I love the idea of all the sewing but the sleeping, I just have a thing about sleeping with new…mattresses! I love mine. When we got home from Alaska I was ecstatic to be home sweet home and in my own bed. But I have gone to... Read more »

Quest for the Perfect Socks

Here are the first five socks I tried seeking sock perfection. I found them all on Amazon after asking what people liked on Facebook.
Here’s the deal, I hate socks. I have been searching for years for the perfect ones and overall I was convinced they didn’t exist. I decided to try again about 10 months ago. I asked for everyone’s favorites on my personal Facebook and slowly tried them all. I was not a fan of many of... Read more »

Alaskan Quilt Stores in Sitka and Juneau

My husband and I just got come from a vacation in Alaska. We saw whales, bears, eagles, sea lions and otters. We learned about the Tlingit and went on hikes and boat rides. Plus we did some serious fabric shopping in two Alaskan quilt store in Sitka and Juneau. You would love these shops, I... Read more »
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