Pros and Cons of Giving up the Landline

A home phone has been part of my life forever. When others gave theirs up or never had one at all, I hung on. I just couldn’t imagine life without a regular phone.  One day, I started considering it and finally, we did it.  I am here to share with you our pros and cons of giving up the landline.

It was hard because I had reasons for and against giving up the landline that were compelling. Let me share them with you.

Reasons for keeping the phone were varied and mainly sentimental. However there were four main considerations.landline re 3

911 – If I needed to call 911 and somehow couldn’t complete the call or speak, my landline would save the day. A cell phone won’t tell emergency operators your address.

My father – My dad went to work for Illinois Bell after he completed his GI bill funded engineering degree post World War II. He did so because his Mom told him that you’ll always be safe and have a job with the phone company. Those landlines paid for my entire childhood through college. I’m grateful.

Memories – When my sister and I got our own phone line it was one of the best moments of my teen years. I gave one to my daughter when she was 13. Talking on the phone was a rite of passage and I loved remembering it.

landline re 1Equipment – I have one snazzy phone. I have one vintage phone. I have an answering machine. I was loathe to make them irrelevant. You can see their pictures sprinkled through this post.

These reasons kept me hanging onto my land line.

But I really kept returning to why I wanted to get rid of the land line.

Money – I do not have a bundle which makes it cheaper to have a phone line. My husband loves satellite TV so we have that. We had a separate package for the phone and the internet from Comcast. I was paying 40.00 a month for the phone line.

Telemarketers – I am home more in the summer and the only people who called on the house phone were telemarketers.  The only use the line got was to ignore annoying calls.landline re 2

Cell phones – Nearly everyone I knew, including my 92 year old father, calls me on my cell phone. Once I dropped my land line I wrote one letter to my aunt who has neither internet nor a cell phone to give her my new number. She only calls me about twice a year so not a huge switch to make.

Comcast – I am not a fan of Comcast. We recently had some very annoying experiences with them. I was paying a company I disliked 40.00 a month to receive phone calls I ignored on the off chance I would need to make a 911 call and be non verbal.

This last reason is what tipped the scales for me. We called our non favorite company and disconnected.

However, I am keeping my swanky phone in place. There’s a substantial phone jack plate it is hiding and who knows, maybe land lines will become really necessary some day in the future.

I better hang onto the vintage phone also!

Working on my quilts and not getting calls from telemarketers makes me sew happy!

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Getting rid of my land line reminded me of moving on from a former friend. I wrote about that about six months ago. You can read it here. 

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