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Brain and Body of my Youth

It’s Blogapalooza time again where we get a topic and an hour to write about it. Here is tonight’s topic: Write about a person, place or thing that you miss. I miss many people and places but for things? There are 3 main ones and as time goes on, I miss them even more. All... Read more »

Pros and Cons of Giving up the Landline

A home phone has been part of my life forever. When others gave theirs up or never had one at all, I hung on. I just couldn’t imagine life without a regular phone.  One day, I started considering it and finally, we did it.  I am here to share with you our pros and cons... Read more »

First part of Round Robin is done

I mailed off my Round Robin box last week,  a whole week before it has to be at its next stop. Hip hip hooray for me! I know I had previously posted that the first round was done but I was wrong. But now for sure, the First part of Round Robin is done. How did... Read more »

Strips of orange quilt part one

I am still in my orange period, orange you so glad? (Oh the puns are getting worse around here.) I got lots of orange fabric when I was in Portland last fall. I washed it and put it all on the side of my ironing board. The other day the fabrics started yelling at me... Read more »

8 Facts about Sewing Bees

The word bee has several important meanings but as this is a quilting and sewing blog, I am discussing bees with needles and thread.  I think the word ‘bee’ is used so often in a sewing context that we all assume we know all about it. But what if we don’t? How about some facts... Read more »

6 reasons to Kick the Bucket List

What do you think of bucket lists? Do you have one? Do you hear about them a lot on Facebook because I do. People seem to casually say, “Oh climbing all the mountains in the world, that’s on my bucket list.” The movie by the same name seems to have spawned all kinds of grandiose... Read more »

Tour de Quilting

The Tour de France is in the month of July, it’s known world wide and is wildly popular. In spite of numerous scandals, the race is followed by millions of people as the riders make their way along a month long course. There are daily winners and an overall champion. It has defined the world... Read more »

Civil War Quilters of Illinois exhibit worth a visit to Lockport, IL

This past week we had gorgeous weather in Chicago. I know, it surprised me too! To take advantage of it I met my buddy Shannan, a fellow ChicagoNow blogger of the always useful Tween Us for lunch. Shannan let me pick, trusting friend that she is. I picked Lockport, Illinois for our lunch. It’s an... Read more »

DIY Two Table runners from one length of Fabric Tutorial

Recently we had the end of an era around here, we replaced our 30+ year old dining room table and chairs. I never thought I would but it seemed a bit old fashioned. Plus it was wobbly from years of people using it to help balance themselves as they got up.  And one chair needed... Read more »

12 Phrases I never want to hear again

The very first time I heard this phrase I thought, I can't wait for people to stop using that. Either say I know! or Right? But why both. I think it's increasing in popularity, it even has its own text letters, ikr. Sigh.
I love words and when they are put together cleverly in a phrases, I am impressed. It’s hard to do, to create a catchy phrase so often we all borrow ones that we hear and use them. And use them. And use them until they are no longer clever but annoying. No one is more... Read more »