I wish Someone would Invent these Items for my Sewing Room

Have you ever been in your sewing room and wondered aloud, Why doesn’t someone invent a solution for this problem? Me too! I am not an inventor. However we live in clever times and I  wish someone would come up with these items to make my sewing life easier!

I came up with my list, let me know what to add!inventions_cover

I wish someone would invent these items for my sewing room

1. Invent a bobbin that can be fed from a spool of thread? This would improve my sewing life immensely.

2. Make clothing for quilters which repels threads? It might work for cat hair also.

3. A sewing machine that could do straight seams on its own. That way I could just pop down to throw in a load of laundry or whatever.

4.  A sure fire way to get blood out of fabric. And put it in an easy to use applicator.

5. Chocolate that doesn’t stay on your hands. Or on your hips for that matter.

6. An iron that is instantly hot or cold. I want it controlled by a simple switch.

7. Red fabric that doesn’t run. Ever.

8. Self sharpening scissors – I would never have to take this pair to the knife sharpening guy to get them working like new again.

9. A sewing machine that would unsew as quickly as I could erase what I’ve typed. Make a mistake, just unsew it!inventors

10. A sewing machine that was also an exercise device, but secretly. You would be sewing like normal but burning off calories.

11. A sewing room robot who would clip threads, sweep up, do a little hand sewing, cut strips and replenish your water glass.

12. All of my plug in  sewing devices to be wireless, no cords from irons, lamps and machines to trip over.

13. A design pencil that would see the design in my head and reproduce in on paper or a computer.

14. A tracking device on my seam ripper.

15. A self propelled 100% accurate seam ripper.

16. An all seeing device that would alert me to any sewing errors. “Kathy, you are sewing the wrong sides together.” or “Kathy, you will run out of fabric before you cut all the strips you want.”

17. Self folding and organizing fabric. It would first seek similar colors, then neatly fold itself and snuggle in next to its buddy.

18. And while we’re at it – shoes that are always comfortable and look great. Throw in some socks as well.

I can dream can’t I?

Since these are all fantasies I better get back up to the sewing room and do all these pesky chores myself.

Dreaming up inventions, that makes me happy. Having one in my hand? That would make me sew happy.

Your turn!inventions-title

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