How to Survive a Power Outage

Recently the Chicago area had plenty of warning that there were storms a coming. People posted about it on Facebook and weather broadcasters tweeted about it before

  and during

After a call, alerts and alarms we drove over to our daughter’s house. We hunkered down in her basement with our granddaughter and son in law.basement

And yes, to properly hunker down you need quilts, duh!

After the danger past, we moseyed on home. As we drove from our daughter’s house (all lit up) we found that everything was dark on our mile journey. Really dark. Like no electricity dark.

And thus began our 23 hour adventure. Here’s how it progressed.

First reactions – Oh, we’re really lucky, it’s just the power. It will probably come on pretty soon.

While tying to sleep in a hot second floor condo – I’m OKAY, I really am. It’s like camping.

Upon hearing other people’s generators – Oh silly them, you know that power is going to pop back on.

11 hours later – I hate Commonwealth Edison. Maybe if I text them again. And again. And call. Get no information. Repeat. comed

12 hours later – Let’s just start packing some stuff up and take it to daughter’s house.

12.5 hours later – Let’s just throw most of this stuff out now that we’ve seen (on our phones) the recommendations.

fridge clean13 hours later – Husband is shocked that I think this is a good time to clean the fridge/freezer since it’s all nice and empty.

14 hours later – Finally get a meal after dropping off food.

15 hours later – Drive around town to see if you can spot a ComEd truck. Make faces at houses running smoothly.

15.5 hours later – Spot a house with electricity with extension cords going from their house to different neighbors without electricity. Smile.20140701_170101

16 hours later – Make yourself welcome at your daughter’s house, play with granddaughter and settle in to watch USA vs. Belgium soccer match.

18 hours later – Bitterly vow to never drink Belgian beer. (Which you never have.)

18.5 hours later – Pack a bag for a night in a hotel after you have dinner.

20 hours later – Go out to dinner and tell your tale of woe to anyone who will listen.

22 hours later – Get a text from ComEd that your power is restored.

23 hours later – Arrive home to cool home, unpack suitcases and discover dishwasher didn’t survive. Still feel lucky and LOVE electricity.

There you go, my way of How to Survive a Power Outage. May you never need to do so!

Hope you and yours are safe with all the utilities we expect to have and are so lucky to take for granted.

Being all lit up again, now that makes me Sew happy! I need electricity to power those wonderful sewing machines of mine!

Here is a link to a blog with more bad weather advice.

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Even with our threat of tornadoes, I still love where I live. Read about it here!

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