First part of Round Robin is done

I mailed off my Round Robin box last week,  a whole week before it has to be at its next stop. Hip hip hooray for me! I know I had previously posted that the first round was done but I was wrong. But now for sure, the First part of Round Robin is done.

How did I get it mixed up? I thought when I mailed off my center block that was the first round. Nope, that was just the center block, like a preliminary round.

rr one re 1

I received a box with a theme of Christmas horses from a Round Robin gal who loves fabric that is sparkly and fairy dusted. This is exactly why I chose to do this, so I would do something I would never do on my own.rr one re 7

She sent along her focus fabric and background fabrics. I am sure that when someone opened my box it was just as startling.

In fact I know it was as someone posted they didn’t care what fabric was used, just no white.

So we are all working outside of our comfort zone and learning to appreciate something different while we make new quilty friends.

rr one re 6

I tried really hard to add to this center block in a way that I thought she would like. Not the way I would like it.

And really isn’t that a marvelous thing? We should give gifts to people how they like them, not what we like. I had ex in-laws who would give me the most inappropriate gifts, things they would like to receive.

I think doing this Round Robin is making me not only a better quilter but a better person.

I am viewing it all and thinking, now what would she like?rr one re 5

I added the corners to make the center block square and then I added a frame. In fact, I added two.

First I added just a touch of red because it was sparkly and I thought she would like it. Plus, she wants us to try and go as big as we can. That added a bit, yes?

Then I cut the border larger than the rules said to because she wants this quilt to end up as big as it can. (She has a King sized bed she wants to cover.)

I still worried I wasn’t doing right by her and I wanted to show how dearly I wanted to. So I did decorative stitching because she had done some on her original center block.

It was my way of saying, hey, I really tried to do right!

And trying to do right by my fellow quilters, that makes me sew happy!

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