DIY Two Table runners from one length of Fabric Tutorial

Recently we had the end of an era around here, we replaced our 30+ year old dining room table and chairs. I never thought I would but it seemed a bit old fashioned. Plus it was wobbly from years of people using it to help balance themselves as they got up.  And one chair needed some work and when we went in to look at new ones, I was smitten with a new set.

table re 0Next thing you know, I am posting a blurry picture of my dining room set on my Facebook page, free to a good home.

A friend of mine asked for it for her daughter with a young family.  They have two kids and weresitting and eating on lawn furniture.  Plus they had access to a truck. Done!Table re 1

I was happy that they came and got it and it started a new life with a new family. In the meantime our new set arrived.

I picked up some placemats at Sur La Table and we even got the upgraded protection on the table surface. Still, I wanted an everyday table runner for added protection.

A couple of months ago I had finished the bolt at a fabric sale. It was a fun black and white Table re 3that I wanted to make into an everyday table runner for my daughter. Do you see where this is leading?

This is the fabric, super cheap and cute. My daughter wanted her runner to be only 31 inches wide and no batting. Easy peasy!

I cut off the selvage and one long 11″ strip.Table re 4

I stitched up the remaining fabric on three sides, leaving a gap.

I turned it inside out, sewed the gap closed by hand and delivered it to my daughter.

table re 5She has a super long table so it looked great.

And I had 11 inches left times 2.5 yards. I cut the strip in half and tried various fabrics out for the center.

I had this gorgeous gradiated blue that I had purchased as Carol Bayer Fallert’s studio in Paducah. I reverently took it out and cut a 2.5″ strip of the length of the fabric.Table re 6

I sewed in the middle of the two strips and evened up the edges.

I really liked the way it looked.  But then I thought what if it gets wrecked?

Maybe I can make it reversible and put some iron on batting in-between the two sides?

Table re 8

I cut a 12 inch piece of iron on batting and applied it to my top half of a table runner. Table re 7

I auditioned a couple of combinations but that blue was calling to me.

Finally I paired it with the numbers fabric and that was the winner.

I had used that fabric in a quilt and had a nice chunk of it left. I only needed one strip so I still do have quite a bit left.

I stitched the strip to both, turned it inside out and closed the gap.

Table re 9Then I did some top stitching, quilting if you will, in the center and on the sides.

Ta da, for one half price 2.5 yard piece of sale fabric and some fabrics in my stash I had a table runner for my daughter and for me.

Hers is 31′ by 90″ and reversible to the same fabric.

Mine is 12″ by 40″ with batting and two different sides.

Both have at least one side in that fun black and white. Table re 10

Now my problem is which is the every day side and which is the fancier side?

Table re 11Do I want to accent the blue or the black?

Or should I just change it willy nilly?

Problems like these are pretty fun to have.

Plus I got two table runners from one length of fabric and they’re reversible. And I still have some of those strips left, napkin rings?

Sew happy!

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My daughter’s table is super long. I have made her two other table runners, one simple and one pieced.

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