Brain and Body of my Youth

It’s Blogapalooza time again where we get a topic and an hour to write about it. Here is tonight’s topic:

Write about a person, place or thing that you miss.

I miss many people and places but for things? There are 3 main ones and as time goes on, I miss them even more. All of my life I felt like I had an awesome memory and now, wait what am I writing about? I also miss my legs from my first 30 years and my posture. So it comes down to missing the brain and body of my youth.

I know that  as I get older I have this maturity thing going on and all, but boy I could stand having the mind, gams and ramrod straight spine I used to have.

My memory – A good memory can be a blessing and a curse. I used to remember what I wore, what you wore, what we ordered and what we talked about when we went out for lunch. Forest Preserve(Speaking of which, how come we haven’t gone out lately? Call me.)

Where was I? Oh yeah, my brain. While there are tons of experiences crammed in there and many calamities don’t send me into a tailspin because I have handled them before, there is also a processing time  lapse that has set in.

I have what I heard recently described as a 15 minute memory. Give me 15 minutes and I will tell you who starred in Heidi (Shirley Temple) and where the cheapest meals were when I lived in Barcelona. (Casa José)

See it’s all in there but there can be a lag retrieving it. On the other hand, I have forgotten some insults, some hurts and bad times. I just wish the names of people I’ve just met didn’t get thrown overboard in the same cleansing. (Who are you again?)Easter 1973

My legs – I am tall and the reason I am is because of my legs. My older sister is 5’3″ and yet sitting down, we look more or less the same height. Those six inches I have over her are all leg. I used to be able to wear mini skirts and be proud. It never occurred to me that my legs would change.

1971But they did, darn it all. They’re lumpier, softer, bumpier and they ache. Yeah, I just got a Thai massage tonight on my sore legs. There was a time I stood all day and taught on them and walked the Hunger Hike of 18 miles on the weekend. Now, 90 minutes is about my limit and a couple of miles. I can push it but the next day they will scold me.

I should have appreciated my legs more when they were worth showing off.

My posture – My older sister would always get in trouble for being round shouldered. My parents would scold her and I would straighten up. I might not have said, “Hey look at me, I am sitting up tall and straight” but I wanted to.

I ran into a guy in a bar in college and he said he would have known me anywhere by my posture. (That was a compliment, yes?) But somewhere I stopped being the girl with perfect posture. And this is one loss I am going to fight back to retrieve.img268

I am going to stand up straight and do exercises. Maybe I need my parents to nag me again? Could you help me out instead? If you see me say, “Hey you, stand up straight.” (Thanks!)

For my memory, I’ve got my Google calendar with its marvelous reminders. For my legs, I’ve got my massage therapist. And for my posture, I’ve got Team Kathy’s Back who will remind me to stand up tall. I can count on your support, yes?

Now if I can just figure out how to sew while maintaining a rigid back, that would make be sew happy!

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