12 Phrases I never want to hear again

I love words and when they are put together cleverly in a phrases, I am impressed. It’s hard to do, to create a catchy phrase so often we all borrow ones that we hear and use them. And use them. And use them until they are no longer clever but annoying.

No one is more famous for this than Junior High Boys. When I taught 8th grade I would hear the latest Jim Carrey movie slogan over and over again.

Now, I read the same catch phrases over and over again on Facebook. And certain ones just get to me.

I am sure we all have our least favorite phrases and those that we still adore and use. I’ve outlined here my 12 phrases I never want to hear again.

Flip through the gallery and let me know what you think. I am too crabby? You want to add more to the list?

If we could come up with new and fresh phrases that would make me sew happy!

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There are other phrases I really like and want to use. I wrote about them in this post.

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