Visit to International Quilt Festival Chicago 2014

On Thursday, June 19 my friend Gina and I were excited for our Visit to International Quilt Festival Chicago 2014. I had been last year, but Gina wasn’t able to go with me.

We had been planning this outing for a while. Why were we so excited? Because my Irish in Chicago quilt was being exhibited and Gina is the kind of friend who gets excited for her friends.

We had a grand day. We walked every inch of the exhibit hall. We did not take any classes but they all looked super. We saw every quilt at least once and some we saw multiple times. OK, fine we kept circling back to mine.

When we first entered and saw it, I couldn’t believe it. It was really a fun moment and I am very happy that the local Modern quilt guilds had a spot at the show.

I took about a hundred pictures. Of those I cropped and resized over 40. From those I made one more cut. It was hard to choose which quilts to put in and if I didn’t put yours in then I am sorry. It was probably because I took a blurry picture of it! And if I messed up any of the titles or names please accept my apologies and let me know how to correct it!

The show runs on Friday and Saturday, June 20 and 21st plus it travels around the country. I hope you can see it yourself. But first, take a virtual trip.

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