Planning my trip to QuiltCon 2015

I am a member of The Modern Quilt Guild. Two years ago, before I was a member, they had their first QuiltCon in Austin, TX. I heard about it afterwards and thought, next time I am going. Well, next time is here, QuiltCon 2015 will be in February of 2015.

First step is a room, correct? When I got the email about QuiltCon and the hotels, I took a day to go and reserve a room. Big mistake. No rooms left. ACK!QuiltCon re 1

I registered for a room that wasn’t in their block and waited for another email. Luckily, one came through and I was able to register at the Hampton Inn at the conference rate. I saved a ton of money and learned my lesson. I hope! You have to move fast!

I recently booked airfare for myself and my husband. I am going to be in Austin Wednesday through Sunday and he will meet me there on Friday.  I had a lot of screens open, comparing my flights, his, seeing if we had enough free miles, etc. Finally I pulled the trigger and bought his tickets first. For the wrong day.

YIKES! Luckily I realized it immediately and called American Airlines.  A great representative canceled the wrong flight and booked the correct flight. Then I bought my flights. I relearned the lesson – you have to be accurate.

I want to do this registration correctly! So I watched the YouTube video. All 12 minutes, that’s how intent I am on doing this correctly.

QuiltCon re 2I downloaded and printed the entire QuiltCon booklet. That’s like 27,000 pages. Or 44 but you get the idea. There were a lot of color pages.

I focused on Thursday and Friday, when I will be doing my Quilt thing. QuiltCon re 3Once my husband gets there we plan on doing the Austin thing.

I wanted to select a variety of lectures and workshops. But what if I don’t get in? The video makes it sound like it’s really hard to get in. In fact, you are supposed to ditch your friends and just register solo. It’s every quilter for herself!

QuiltCon re 4I also followed the rules and wrote out my preferences.

Yes, I was a goody two shoes in High School. Sew what? I like to follow the rules.

I had all this done by 2:00 on Monday. Registration didn’t start until Tuesday.

10:00 am, Central time.

Finally, the email came and I registered.

Was it flawless?

Did I get what I wanted?

Nope, I did not. I had one and since I didn’t get the other, that kicked me out of paying. That seems to me to be a major flaw and quite disappointing. The site forced me to go back and change my registration. By the time I did that, I lost the one I did have.  And this took over an hour.

The site was very slow and if one thing got messed up, you lost it all. As I write this, I still haven’t been able to actually finish registration.

Beyond frustrating and disappointing.

So now I just wait and see if I get in off the wait list. Oh and have a pity party for myself.

Next step, go there do my quilty thing, as limited as it looks right now,  and then play tourist with my husband. We even have a guide book. QuiltCon re 5

Right now, I am NOT Sew happy with this experience.

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Are you a member of a quilt guild? I wrote a post recommending it!

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